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Which California cities have the most auto-pedestrian accidents?

As you know, auto-pedestrian accidents will likely occur wherever motorists and pedestrians mingle. Unfortunately, this includes all major metropolitan cities and quite a few smaller cities as well. California has more than its fair share of accidents involving pedestrians. The great weather and numerous parks often bring both walkers and motorists out in droves. Sometimes, this mix can result in tragedy

Why do auto-pedestrian accidents plague California?

California is home to many outdoor-lovers. Perhaps this plays a part in why so many residents are struck by automobiles. You would think someone walking or biking would be easy to spot, yet auto-pedestrian accidents still occur at an alarming rate across the nation.

Representation after an accident aids in insurance negotiations

According to the Centers for Disease Control, auto-pedestrian accidents are a problem in America. The CDC's research data revealed that over 150,000 pedestrians received emergency treatment for accident-related injuries in 2013. That same year, 4,735 pedestrians died in auto-pedestrian accidents.

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