What Landlords Can Do To Recover Rent

In California, when tenants do not pay their rent, landlords lose valuable income that they were counting on receiving. The money could have been used for upkeep of the property and to pay other expenses. The property also could have been rented out to a tenant who would have been reliable in paying rent. That money is lost and can never be replaced unless it is recovered from the tenant.

At the Law Offices of Patricia Turnage, we assist landlords in pursuing these tenants who are in breach of contract. We have more than 15 years of experience working with clients in the Bay Area on landlord-tenant issues. This means we know the real estate and rental laws in the area. We will help you seek judgments against these tenants who owe rent in arrears and advise you on enforcement options for your case. Call us to discuss your recovery of rent case with a lawyer at 510-470-5044.

Watch For Signs A Tenant Has Abandoned A Property

If a tenant abandons a property, they may also have owed you rent. The longer it takes to discover they are gone, the further behind you will be in pursuing them for recovery of lost rent or damage they may have caused.

Here are some common indicators that may point to a tenant who has abandoned a property he or she has been renting:

  • Empty closets
  • Tenant not seen by neighbors for a period of time or neighbors witnessed tenant moving
  • Late rent payment
  • Utilities turned off
  • Negative comments or moving plans stated by tenant on social media pages
  • Furniture gone
  • No sheets on the bed

If a tenants owes rent money or damages rental property, the landlord can pursue them for breach of material terms of the contract.

Experienced Counsel Assisting You With Rental Disputes

We work with landlords in the recovery of rent process. We've helped numerous clients resolve rental and contract dispute problems.

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