Identifying and staying safe around commercial trucker no-zones

As someone who often drives the same car, you probably have at least some idea of where your vehicle’s “blind spots” are located. These areas surrounding the car may be difficult or impossible to see from behind the wheel. Just as regular motorists have blind spots that can make it tough to know when other vehicles, motorcycles, bikes or pedestrians approach, commercial truck drivers do as well.

A commercial trucker’s blind spots are also known as “no-zones,” and there are four of them. In addition to large blind spots on either side of the truck itself, semis also have no-zones in the front and back. As a motorist, you reduce your chance of being in a trucker-involved accident if you learn how to share the road with large trucks. Part of this process involves learning to avoid traveling in dangerous areas. To enhance your safety, be sure to:

Avoid assuming you are visible

Many people mistakenly assume that, because truckers sit so far above the ground and have such large mirrors, they can easily see other vehicles on the roadway. This is not always the case, however. A good rule of thumb is to consider the fact that, if you cannot see a trucker in his or her mirrors, the trucker probably cannot see you.

Avoid known blind spots

While you cannot always avoid having to pass a semi-truck, there are many instances in which you may be able to do so. You may also, when driving a smaller vehicle, be able to quickly navigate away from potential hazards, but the size and weight of large trucks means it takes more time for them to do the same. Avoid tailgating to stay out of the no-zone directly behind the truck, and try and leave plenty of space between you when traveling in front of one.

Sharing the road safely with semi-trucks is certainly possible, but it helps to know where hazards exist, and how you can work to avoid them. If you find yourself in an accident involving a commercial truck, consider speaking with a lawyer. 

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