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Is lane splitting legal in California and is it safe?

The answer to the first part of this question is yes; motorcycle riders are permitted to engage in lane splitting in California. However, as with other traffic-related laws, there are right ways and wrong ways to use these maneuvers. When lane splitting is done correctly, it can reduce motorcycle accidents.

How an attorney can help you throughout your car accident claim

If you have injuries from your recent car accident, you might be wondering if it is worth it to hire an attorney. Figuring out your next steps after an injury can be daunting. Should you try to handle the insurance company and settle your claim by yourself? An attorney can be an invaluable advocate on your behalf.

How and when are truck drivers tested for drug use?

The first thing to know is that regardless of company policy, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires all commercial vehicle drivers to undergo drug and alcohol testing. These federal testing regulations apply to all drivers who operate a vehicle requiring a commercial driver's license. Rules like these help to promote safety in the trucking industry and to reduce truck accidents in California and across the entire country.

Valuable benefits of working with a personal injury lawyer

One of the leading causes of personal injury centers on motor vehicles. Whether it is a car, truck, motorcycle or auto-pedestrian accident, the risk of suffering severe injuries is high. Victims are often left in complete devastation, by the injuries themselves and by the financial hardships such injuries cause.

Intersection the scene of two fatal motorcycle accidents

When similar motorcycle accidents happen in a single location within days of one another, it raises questions for many California residents. Could human error have caused both accidents? Is the intersection itself responsible for these tragic motorcycle accidents?

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