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Motorcycle safety becomes more important in season

Spring brings motorcycle season to the nation at large and specifically to California. The Golden State is home to the largest population of motorcycle enthusiasts in the country, and many more come to the deserts and shores of the region for the extra thrill.

Distraction a factor in 58 percent of California teen crashes

Distracted driving is a problem affecting all age groups and all states, and California’s teenage drivers are doing little to help combat the problem. Distracted driving, which refers to virtually any behavior that takes a driver’s cognitive, visual or manual attention away from the vehicle’s controls, is a factor in nearly 60 percent of all car crashes involving California teenage drivers, highlighting the need for change and the importance of increased education.

Woman critically injured by alleged distracted driver

California is home to some of the world's greatest hiking trails, but the state is not generally known as a pedestrian paradise. This is especially true near the main thoroughfares and freeways, where the proximity of drivers and pedestrians can cause serious problems.

Semi collision injures 2 and damages gas station

Drivers who have spent time on the highways most likely are familiar with the bumper sticker "Without trucks, America stops." The country would certainly slow down without tractor-trailers.  Much of the retail goods and supplies we use are brought to shops and malls by truck.

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