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How often are truck drivers abusing drugs and alcohol?

Today’s commercial truck drivers have undeniably tough jobs, and statistics from the American Addiction Centers show that many of them are responding to the difficult nature of their profession by using drugs or alcohol while at work. Many regular motorists feel uneasy riding alongside commercial trucks even under the best possible circumstances, but drug and alcohol-abusing semitruck drivers place everyone on the road in substantial danger.

How a bump on the head may turn into brain damage

In a car accident, everything happens so quickly that you may not remember all the details. It is also possible some details are missing because you bumped your head and suffered a brief loss of consciousness. Because you have no memory of the blow, you may not realize a bruise is an indication of a more serious injury.

What is the best high-visibility color?

You know the dangers of jogging and walking near traffic. Even when you have the right of way -- in a crosswalk, for instance -- you can get hit by a driver who does not yield and perhaps never sees you at all. This is especially a problem at dusk and dawn, when it's still fairly dark and you can blend into the shadows.

Should you wear headphones while walking when you are near traffic?

You decide to walk to the grocery store. It is a half hour walk, so you grab your headphones, plug them into your phone, and turn on your favorite playlist while you walk down the sidewalk. It's a great way to give yourself a bit more time to relax and enjoy the music while still running an errand.  

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