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Do you know the safest way to walk around traffic?

The roads are for everyone: Drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, runners and more. However, the reality is that most people use the roads with motor vehicles, so those in other categories often feel marginalized and like they're in danger. Cars and trucks are the largest, faster and most dangerous things on the road, and they tend to dominate modern streets to an incredible degree.

Creating a buffer zone on a motorcycle

There are millions of licensed motorcycle riders in California who enjoy riding throughout the year. The weather in California allows for this, which also means that there are more accidents involving motorcycles than in most other states. Here are some tips for creating a buffer zone when you are on your motorcycle.

Scaffolding safety tips: Rules every worker should know

Scaffolds are a familiar sight on construction sites, and indispensable when it comes to working in high places. But scaffolds are also a common source of danger for workers -- especially when the proper safety measures aren't taken.

Driver fatigue can be deadly when it affects commercial truckers

Most people recognize that driving while tired isn't the safest decision. However, many people find themselves in situations where it seems like they don't have another option. Commercial truck drivers all too often fall into this category.

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