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Understanding how lights increase your bike's visibility

It's no secret that one way to increase the visibility of your motorcycle, especially during low-light hours or during the night, is to make extensive use of your lighting options. However, it is important to dig into that a bit to see how and why certain lights work better than others.

Be thorough when taking accident photos

When you are in a car accident, this is a lot that you must deal with. Between tending to injuries, repairing your car and settling up with insurance, your hands will likely be full for the duration. California is an at-fault state with auto accidents. If the other driver caused the accident, then his or her insurance should foot the bill for any resulting damages. 

Why trucks jackknife on the road

When a semi jackknifes, it's one of the most dangerous accidents for cars around that semi. The truck is completely out of control during this type of crash. As the trailer spins around the wrong direction, folding toward the cab -- which is what gives the accident its name -- the trailer may take up the whole road. Cars in front of, next to and behind the semi could all be drawn into a devastating crash in a matter of seconds.

Brake failure a frequent cause of commercial truck crashes

These days, sharing the road with commercial trucks is an unavoidable reality for motorists across California and the United States. When the people sitting behind the wheels of those trucks lack adequate training, they endanger you and everyone else they encounter. Because commercial trucks are so massive and heavy, it is more critical than ever that their brakes work. Truckers who depend on their brake performance alone compromise the safety of everyone on the roadway.

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