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Construction growing in Bay Area, but dangers lurk on the job

Earlier this year, the Office of Economic and Workforce Development in San Francisco reported that construction was the fastest-growing industry across the Bay Area. That's great news for everyone who works in the building trades across Northern California.

California construction worker killed on the job

Construction is one of the United States' most dangerous professions, constantly putting people in harm's way around heavy equipment in unusual environments. It is rare that a construction worker dies on the worksite or due to worksite conditions, but when it happens, families are faced with an unbelievable loss.

Employers take responsibility to keep construction workers safe

Construction is big business in California, especially the burgeoning areas in the southern part of the state, where it seems every block has a new building going up every year. From single-level homes to entire planned communities, construction workers and contractors are always hard at work preparing homes and workplaces for more Californians.

California roofing company cited for workplace safety problems

Employers owe it to their workers and customers to keep workspaces clean and clear of any objects or situations that could cause injury. This is especially important in the construction industries, in which there are many dangerous circumstances that claim that highest number of workplace fatalities every year.

Worker injured on California rail may face permanent injuries

Workplaces have to be safe to keep California working. From cubicles in office parks to the foundations of construction projects, safety is the first priority for responsible managers and contractors. If working conditions propose an undue danger for workers, they have to be corrected under California law.

Los Angeles construction accident injures 4 workers

Building and construction is a top industry in California, and thousands of workers work on building sites, renovations and public works every day. The California Occupational Health and Safety Administration (Cal/OSHA) maintains strict guidelines to protect workers' and citizens' safety, so harmful accidents are rare.

California company cited after construction worker's death

Construction is big business in California, with new developments and renovations of old properties occupying a record number of contractors and laborers last year. Although this work is essential to the continuing growth of the state's economy, workplace safety around heavy equipment is even more important.

Subcontractor killed in California landfill accident

California is home to many types of construction projects, and the recent weather and environmental phenomena has done little to slow progress. In fact, property destruction at both ends of the state has increased demolition and land clearing projects, both of which contain many dangers.

California family sues after construction worker killed on site

A California family lost a husband and father when he died after a wall collapsed on him at the construction site where he was working. The 51-year-old father of three was working and eating lunch in a trench with another construction worker on the site of a new car dealership when a wall collapsed on the pair.

Construction site fall claimed California worker's life

Construction is one of the greatest drivers of California's economy, as well as one of the results of its great success in attracting residents and workers. Increasing numbers of buildings under construction, as well as the heights and engineering challenges of new designs, demand attention to prevent injuries or fatalities on construction sites.

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