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What can motorcyclists wear to keep them safe in a crash?

Many motorcyclists enjoy the freeing feeling that comes with riding their motorcycles on the open road. This is why bikers avoid wearing protective gear that could protect them from getting seriously hurt in a crash. That's a mistake on their part though. This is especially the case since there are primary pieces of gear that motorcyclists can wear that may keep them safe and save their lives.

Certain clothing can keep motorcyclists safer out on the road

The onus for keeping motorcyclists safe out on the road doesn't just fall on motorbike manufacturers' shoulders. The responsibility for doing so rests in the hands of companies that design and produce clothing and safety gear for motorcyclists as well. There have been some innovative items introduced in this product space this year that are sure to enhance biker safety moving forward.

Spotting hazards on a motorcycle

If you ride a motorcycle, one of the most important things you can do is to spot hazards before you reach them. This way, you do not just have to count on your raw reaction time. You will be poised and ready in advance. If everything goes smoothly, that's fine. If a hazard does present itself, you react as soon as humanly possible because you already had the risks in mind.

What type of motorcycle should you learn on?

You know that the key to avoiding motorcycle accidents is to become as proficient of a rider as possible. You can't control what other drivers do, so there is always some risk, but you can make sure that you don't commit dangerous errors. You're looking to get into riding and wondering what type of bike to get.

Woman killed in California motorcycle accident

One of the truisms in life is that one event leads to another. Unfortunately, that holds true of motor vehicle accidents as well, including motorcycle accidents. A recent example involved a California woman, 51, who died when the motorcycle on which she was a passenger was hit at the scene of a prior accident.

Understanding how lights increase your bike's visibility

It's no secret that one way to increase the visibility of your motorcycle, especially during low-light hours or during the night, is to make extensive use of your lighting options. However, it is important to dig into that a bit to see how and why certain lights work better than others.

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