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3 common electrocution hazards in the construction industry

Did you know that electrocution is the fourth leading cause of fatal injuries in the construction industry? As a construction worker, you need to know the facts about electrical hazards. If your employer does not properly supervise your construction site or train you for electrical equipment, you could end up seriously injured.

Do I really need to see a doctor after a vehicle accident?

Despite advances in vehicle safety measures, accidents still happen. When they do happen, the people involved are usually more preoccupied with dealing with the immediate situation than thoroughly considering all of the potential long-term effects. When the post-crash adrenaline is flowing, dealing with the situation at hand can be the best move.

Don't let post-collision jitters jeopardize your insurance claim.

While the winter months in Hayward typically do not feature the snowfall that blankets regions with colder climes, the increase in rain during this time can make for slick road conditions. During a torrential downpour, issues with hydroplaning and limited visibility can lessen the driver's reaction time. While you may commit to maintaining a safe distance behind cars, those tailgating you may not. Should weather conditions and another driver's conduct lead to a car accident, there is a procedure you should follow to improve the odds insurance will cover your claim.

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