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What type of motorcycle should you learn on?

You know that the key to avoiding motorcycle accidents is to become as proficient of a rider as possible. You can't control what other drivers do, so there is always some risk, but you can make sure that you don't commit dangerous errors. You're looking to get into riding and wondering what type of bike to get.

Woman killed in California motorcycle accident

One of the truisms in life is that one event leads to another. Unfortunately, that holds true of motor vehicle accidents as well, including motorcycle accidents. A recent example involved a California woman, 51, who died when the motorcycle on which she was a passenger was hit at the scene of a prior accident.

Understanding how lights increase your bike's visibility

It's no secret that one way to increase the visibility of your motorcycle, especially during low-light hours or during the night, is to make extensive use of your lighting options. However, it is important to dig into that a bit to see how and why certain lights work better than others.

Do not multitask on a motorcycle

It is easy for some new motorcycle riders to assume that riding is not all that different from driving a car. Sure, you have to learn some special skills and get the proper license, but you still follow the basic rules of the road. If you learned how to ride a bike when you were a kid, surely you can ride a motorcycle now, right?

The 70-30 braking rule for motorcycles: How does it work?

Your ability to control a motorcycle depends a lot on your riding experience. Motorcycle riders who have spent more time on the road have encountered more situations and learned how to navigate them. You can also build your motorcycle control abilities by taking riding lessons where they teach important safety tips about braking, maneuvering and navigating your way through traffic. That brings us to the 70/30 braking rule, which motorcycle courses commonly teach.

Creating a buffer zone on a motorcycle

There are millions of licensed motorcycle riders in California who enjoy riding throughout the year. The weather in California allows for this, which also means that there are more accidents involving motorcycles than in most other states. Here are some tips for creating a buffer zone when you are on your motorcycle.

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