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How to share the road safely with semitrucks

The holiday season is thick upon us -- and that means there are a lot of semitrucks making deliveries on the road. Online shopping is huge, and many people have abandoned the big box stores in favor of ordering the gifts they intend to give online. If you plan to travel this Christmas, you need to know how to share the road with these big rigs -- because they're likely to be everywhere.

How to protect yourself around a large truck

Getting behind the wheel of your vehicle is the most dangerous thing you will likely do each day of your life. You might not consider the dangers of driving, but you need to be aware of them to protect yourself. It can be very dangerous to drive near large trucks on the roads of California because of their weight, blind spots and other factors.

Why do trucking companies use two-way dash cameras?

The need for a dash camera on a truck -- or any other vehicle -- is fairly clear. A lot of traffic accidents come down to two people's accounts of what happened. If you have camera footage of the incident, it can help back up your claims when you say the other driver caused the crash and they point the finger at you.

Be wary of trucks and buses behind you

You have no choice but to share the road with massive semi-trucks and buses every day during your commute. This puts you at serious risk. If you get into an accident with a vehicle that is so much taller and heavier than your own, odds are good that you are the one who is going to suffer injuries in that crash.

Why trucks jackknife on the road

When a semi jackknifes, it's one of the most dangerous accidents for cars around that semi. The truck is completely out of control during this type of crash. As the trailer spins around the wrong direction, folding toward the cab -- which is what gives the accident its name -- the trailer may take up the whole road. Cars in front of, next to and behind the semi could all be drawn into a devastating crash in a matter of seconds.

How safe are older truckers on the highways?

There is a nationwide shortage of truck drivers to haul America's goods -- and it could be impacting the safety of the trucking industry. It's estimated that in order to move at least 70 percent of the cargo for our country, there must be no fewer than 48,000 able-bodied truck drivers available.

Driver fatigue can be deadly when it affects commercial truckers

Most people recognize that driving while tired isn't the safest decision. However, many people find themselves in situations where it seems like they don't have another option. Commercial truck drivers all too often fall into this category.

Revealing the top reason for truck accidents

Truck accidents are devastating. Cars get run off of the road, sandwiched between multiple trucks and hit at intersections. People suffer serious injuries and many lose their lives. In a lot of these cases, the truck drivers themselves are fine, protected by the sheer size of their vehicles, and it's others who suffer the most.

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