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How and when are truck drivers tested for drug use?

The first thing to know is that regardless of company policy, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires all commercial vehicle drivers to undergo drug and alcohol testing. These federal testing regulations apply to all drivers who operate a vehicle requiring a commercial driver's license. Rules like these help to promote safety in the trucking industry and to reduce truck accidents in California and across the entire country.

Typical drug tests for commercial drivers look for the following substances:

Safety tips for California construction workers

Summer is the prime season for construction work across the nation as well as in California. Having plenty of work is good for everyone, but the busy summer season can lead to more construction workers' accidents.

Unlike accidents in many other industries, construction accidents can be complicated. Of course, workers' compensation exists to help workers maintain an income during recovery, but the amount an injured employee receives may not be enough to meet his or her needs. For example, in workers' compensation claims the injured worker receives immediate medical benefits but by law cannot recover money for pain or suffering.  Further, liability for a construction worker's accident may be unclear or involve third parties. These can include equipment manufacturers, subcontractors and many others.  If you are involved in a construction accident you may also be represented by a personal injury lawyer who will review the case and determine if you have a claim against a third party.

Valuable benefits of working with a personal injury lawyer

One of the leading causes of personal injury centers on motor vehicles. Whether it is a car, truck, motorcycle or auto-pedestrian accident, the risk of suffering severe injuries is high. Victims are often left in complete devastation, by the injuries themselves and by the financial hardships such injuries cause.

When another party or parties cause an auto-pedestrian accident, it is a victim's right to hold these people to account. Our law firm has assisted many residents in and around Hayward, California, by helping them seek compensation for their injuries. We understand the challenges associated with personal injury claims. We also understand why many victims are hesitant to seek counsel.

Intersection the scene of two fatal motorcycle accidents

When similar motorcycle accidents happen in a single location within days of one another, it raises questions for many California residents. Could human error have caused both accidents? Is the intersection itself responsible for these tragic motorcycle accidents?

These are just two questions raised after separate motorcycle accidents claimed two lives near the Gilroy Premium Outlets in the span of five days. In the most recent incident, which occurred in the evening hours of Apr. 19, a 62-year-old male motorcyclist from Los Baños struck a motor vehicle operated by a teenager.

Identifying and staying safe around commercial trucker no-zones

As someone who often drives the same car, you probably have at least some idea of where your vehicle’s “blind spots” are located. These areas surrounding the car may be difficult or impossible to see from behind the wheel. Just as regular motorists have blind spots that can make it tough to know when other vehicles, motorcycles, bikes or pedestrians approach, commercial truck drivers do as well.

A commercial trucker’s blind spots are also known as “no-zones,” and there are four of them. In addition to large blind spots on either side of the truck itself, semis also have no-zones in the front and back. As a motorist, you reduce your chance of being in a trucker-involved accident if you learn how to share the road with large trucks. Part of this process involves learning to avoid traveling in dangerous areas. To enhance your safety, be sure to:

Which California cities have the most auto-pedestrian accidents?

As you know, auto-pedestrian accidents will likely occur wherever motorists and pedestrians mingle. Unfortunately, this includes all major metropolitan cities and quite a few smaller cities as well. California has more than its fair share of accidents involving pedestrians. The great weather and numerous parks often bring both walkers and motorists out in droves. Sometimes, this mix can result in tragedy

Three California locations were included in a report of the nation's most dangerous cities for pedestrians. The report assigns each city a pedestrian danger index number, which is calculated by plotting the amount of pedestrian deaths against the amount of people who choose to walk.

Dealing with insurance companies after a motorcycle accident

A motorcycle accident comes with many hardships, some of which are impossible to predict. However, it is safe to say that survivors will likely suffer injuries from minor to severe and/or they will emerge from the ordeal shaken to the core. In either or both of these situations, there are tasks that must be attended to. One of these tasks is dealing with the involved insurance companies.

In a time of deep emotional or physical trauma, the last thing a victim wants to do is talk with insurance companies that may be dragging out the claim. Even worse, your valid claim may be denied, adding not only worry but also additional hardships to what is already an uphill battle. This is when working with a personal injury attorney can really make a difference.

Recent fatal truck accident highlights driver error issues

Sometimes, even the smallest mistake can lead to unthinkable tragedy. A recent California truck accident that took the life of a man occurred because of one small mistake. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) recently released a statement with details about the truck accident.

According to the release, the driver of a semitruck traveling at about 60 mph on Highway 46 drifted onto the shoulder. In an attempt to correct his position, the driver veered back onto the highway inside a curve and crossed over the center divider before clipping a Dodge Dakota.

Understanding The "Fatal Four"

As a construction worker, you do your best to construct secure and structurally-sound buildings and homes. You want the occupants and inhabitants to feel safe and protected, knowing every precaution was taken during the building process to do so.

So if you're hurt on the job, and you find out that your employer or a product manufacturer didn't take the same steps to protect you that you take to protect the building's occupants, it only adds insult to injury. It's important to know, however, that you have options.

Nail guns are the cause of many construction workers' accidents

If there is one tool you can find on most California construction sites, it is the nail gun, especially in residential construction. Nail gun incidents are not in the list of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) "fatal four" construction worker's accidents, which includes falls, electrocutions, struck by objects and caught-in/between. However, use of a nail guns is the cause of a large number of construction workers' accidents.

Here are some quick facts regarding use of nail guns in the construction industry.

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