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Supervisors play a role in preventing construction accidents

Construction accidents are quite common. They are also usually very devastating. The sad thing is most of them are also preventable. Accidents can often be attributed to someone not paying attention or someone ignoring safety rules. Of all the people of a construction site, it is the supervisor who probably has the most control over the situations that lead to accidents.

With this in mind, it is essential that construction supervisors take a bit of responsibility for the safety of their crews. According to the International Association of Drilling Contractors, when those in charge pay attention and stay on top of site safety, it can go a long way towards making everyone safer and preventing accidents.

Motorcycle helmet recall leaves riders at risk

Motorcycles are one of the most convenient ways to travel the roads of California. Anyone who has seen a traffic jam on a Bay Area freeway has probably wished they were on a bike for it.

The dangers inherent in motorcycles, even stopped or at low speeds, make precautions necessary. The lack of driver and passenger protection on bikes makes even minor collisions a risk for injury, disability or even death.

Forklift accidents results in $10.8 M settlement

California is experiencing a building boom, thanks to a thriving diversified economy that needs more homes and office space. That activity can come with a price, as more construction vehicles and other heavy machinery ends up near pedestrians and drivers.

Los Angeles County finds itself paying $10.8 million after a California state court awarded the sum to a man recovering from serious injuries after a forklift accident. A driver working for the county ran over the plaintiff's legs on the grounds of a county-affiliated hospital.

3 common electrocution hazards in the construction industry

Did you know that electrocution is the fourth leading cause of fatal injuries in the construction industry? As a construction worker, you need to know the facts about electrical hazards. If your employer does not properly supervise your construction site or train you for electrical equipment, you could end up seriously injured.

As you know, you work with various types of equipment throughout your day, including tools, power lines and extension cords. Improper use or dangerous contact with these hazards can cause some severe damage. Here is a look at the top three causes of electrocution in construction work.

Construction site fall claimed California worker's life

Construction is one of the greatest drivers of California's economy, as well as one of the results of its great success in attracting residents and workers. Increasing numbers of buildings under construction, as well as the heights and engineering challenges of new designs, demand attention to prevent injuries or fatalities on construction sites.

The building of a structure's internal supports are particularly hazardous phases to those involved, especially if harnesses and other safety devices are not used or used improperly. The unrestrained heights can be the site of terrible falls.

Forklift accident claims California construction worker

Construction in California drives one of the world's greatest economies and provides jobs to thousands of workers. Construction sites can be hazardous, regardless of precautions, and mistakes or poor conditions can cause the most serious of consequences.

A man recently died on a construction site in Contra Costa County while operating a forklift. The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA) reports that the driver was moving paver stones with the vehicle when he became trapped. The site is a residential construction project where the driver was installing a driveway.

Freeway lane changer costs California motorcyclist his life

If you want to save on gasoline, feel the wind on your face and breeze easily through California traffic, a motorcycle is often the right choice. The mode of travel has dangers, however, from bikes' slim profile to inattentive drivers that can act like they are the only ones on the road.  Our California Legislature has upheld a motorcyclist's right to pass between cars in adjacent lanes, yet motorists do not take the care to make sure the motorcyclist is safe as he/she passes legally.

A 50-year-old man was fatally injured on a freeway north of San Diego when he was ejected from his motorcycle after being hit by a car. California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers report that the collision occurred in the early hours of a Saturday morning when a sedan changed lanes without acknowledging the motorcycle.

The tragic background of forklift fatalities

Drivers can make mistakes. High speed over rough ground may be too appealing. A seat belt can seem too much trouble. These are a few of the many workplace situations that can lead to injury, damage or death with motorized machinery.

Forklifts and other powered industrial trucks (PITs) are leaders in the causes for workplace accidents that result in hospitalization for serious injuries. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports about 85 workers die every year due to forklift operation, with injuries numbering nearly 35,000 annually.

Northern California road is a new concern for truck accidents

Increased truck traffic on California roads has become a major part of drivers' experiences. Congestion and minor accidents often lead only to delays, but areas with continuing problems can often have more serious consequences.

Over a two-week period, a stretch of divided highway in the Napa Valley was recently the scene of multiple semi-truck accidents. The situation led the local Sheriff's department to recommend motorists favor a different route through the area.

3 laws to remember as you ride your bike in the Bay Area

Whether you ride your bicycle occasionally or every day, you might not know about the extent of the traffic regulations you must follow. Biking in the Bay Area can be a challenge. Not only do you have to worry about pedestrians and other cyclists, but you also have to navigate through a lot of traffic.

Whether you are going on a weekend ride or a daily commute, it is important to follow California bicycle laws to keep everyone safe - including yourself. Here are three important laws you should keep in mind as a Bay Area bicyclist.

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