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Which California cities have the most auto-pedestrian accidents?

As you know, auto-pedestrian accidents will likely occur wherever motorists and pedestrians mingle. Unfortunately, this includes all major metropolitan cities and quite a few smaller cities as well. California has more than its fair share of accidents involving pedestrians. The great weather and numerous parks often bring both walkers and motorists out in droves. Sometimes, this mix can result in tragedy

Three California locations were included in a report of the nation's most dangerous cities for pedestrians. The report assigns each city a pedestrian danger index number, which is calculated by plotting the amount of pedestrian deaths against the amount of people who choose to walk.

Dealing with insurance companies after a motorcycle accident

A motorcycle accident comes with many hardships, some of which are impossible to predict. However, it is safe to say that survivors will likely suffer injuries from minor to severe and/or they will emerge from the ordeal shaken to the core. In either or both of these situations, there are tasks that must be attended to. One of these tasks is dealing with the involved insurance companies.

In a time of deep emotional or physical trauma, the last thing a victim wants to do is talk with insurance companies that may be dragging out the claim. Even worse, your valid claim may be denied, adding not only worry but also additional hardships to what is already an uphill battle. This is when working with a personal injury attorney can really make a difference.

Recent fatal truck accident highlights driver error issues

Sometimes, even the smallest mistake can lead to unthinkable tragedy. A recent California truck accident that took the life of a man occurred because of one small mistake. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) recently released a statement with details about the truck accident.

According to the release, the driver of a semitruck traveling at about 60 mph on Highway 46 drifted onto the shoulder. In an attempt to correct his position, the driver veered back onto the highway inside a curve and crossed over the center divider before clipping a Dodge Dakota.

Understanding The "Fatal Four"

As a construction worker, you do your best to construct secure and structurally-sound buildings and homes. You want the occupants and inhabitants to feel safe and protected, knowing every precaution was taken during the building process to do so.

So if you're hurt on the job, and you find out that your employer or a product manufacturer didn't take the same steps to protect you that you take to protect the building's occupants, it only adds insult to injury. It's important to know, however, that you have options.

Nail guns are the cause of many construction workers' accidents

If there is one tool you can find on most California construction sites, it is the nail gun, especially in residential construction. Nail gun incidents are not in the list of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) "fatal four" construction worker's accidents, which includes falls, electrocutions, struck by objects and caught-in/between. However, use of a nail guns is the cause of a large number of construction workers' accidents.

Here are some quick facts regarding use of nail guns in the construction industry.

After a hit-and-run, insurance means everything

You're driving along, when all of a sudden - CRASH - someone plows right into you! You pull over to exchange information, only to see the other driver speed away.

What a nightmare. Not only has your day been ruined, but now you're on the hook for repair costs and medical expenses that should have been someone else's responsibility.

Or are you? You might be surprised to learn that your car insurance covers you if you're in an accident with a hit-and-run driver.

Why do auto-pedestrian accidents plague California?

California is home to many outdoor-lovers. Perhaps this plays a part in why so many residents are struck by automobiles. You would think someone walking or biking would be easy to spot, yet auto-pedestrian accidents still occur at an alarming rate across the nation.

While it is difficult to identify a single common denominator in auto-pedestrian accidents, a few patterns present in many accidents can shine a bit of light on why they occur. First, here are some key points to consider.

3 traffic-related motorcycle accidents to avoid this spring

Everyone in California looks forward to spring, especially in areas that get a bit chilly in the winter. Hayward is one such area, with temperatures that discourage winter riding for some. Spring brings cyclists out in droves and as the season approaches, it is important to reacquaint yourself with some of the most common traffic-related motorcycle accidents. This can help make you aware of potential dangers and take steps to avoid them.

1. Watch out for vehicles turning in front of you. Unfortunately, many motorists fail to see motorcycles as they prepare to make a turn. You can reduce your odds of experiencing a motorcycle accident in these conditions by keeping your eyes on other motorists at all times.

Large truck accidents remain a problem for California motorists

The trucking industry has undergone a lot of regulation reform in recent decades with more to come in 2017. While this can only be viewed as good news, a simple Internet search will show you that truck accidents involving large commercial vehicles still occur just about every day. As a bustling state filled with various types of commerce, California contains many trucking routes. This means motorists must share the road with trucks on a daily basis.

We know that no truck driver wants to cause or experience a truck accident. After all, having an accident will affect the truck driver as well as the victim. It could mean the loss of employment, serious injuries and damage to the driver's career. We understand that this does not make up for injuring other motorists and passengers, but we want our readers to know that truck accidents are not malicious.

What kinds of injuries are common among construction workers?

Whether you are new to the construction industry or a seasoned veteran, it behooves you to know that construction workers' accidents can occur with little or no warning. While construction work is a vital part of the California economy, it can be a dangerous career choice and is sometimes fraught with injuries.

Before learning about the common injuries construction workers suffer, it is important to understand what situations can lead to dangerous accidents. Below is a list of the "fatal four" construction workers' accidents according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

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