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Collision with semi causes disastrous accident

Cars and trucks often share the roads of California, except for traffic jams, and there is plenty of room for everyone. But sometimes truck drivers can make errors that can cost lives, even if the driver is not there to see it.

A semi-truck caused a fatal accident on Chula Vista's Eastlake Parkway when a driver crashed into the back of the trailer while the rig was parked in the road's bike lane.

How do pedestrians stay safe on the roads?

Out of all motor vehicle accidents in California, 22 percent have resulted in pedestrian fatalities.  Many more pedestrians are seriously injured by cars operated by distracted drivers, drivers under the influence, or drivers unaware of traffic laws.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles has created several guidelines that help protect pedestrians from a collision that can end in serious injury or even death.

3 common contributors to scaffolding accidents

Scaffolding is a common fixture on construction sites, and it is often a necessity to accomplish work at high levels. It is also a reason for many accidents, and yet according to OSHA, 65 percent of all workers in the construction field work on scaffolding structures regularly. In order to improve the safety of these workers, it is essential to understand the common causes of accidents.

The following three are just a few of the most frequently cited contributing factors. There are many safety hazards present at any construction site, and it is important to be aware of your legal rights if you become a victim of such unsafe conditions.

The link between traumatic brain injuries and strokes

Traumatic brain injuries are often the result of major motor vehicle accidents, falls or construction site accidents. They may lead to impaired movement, memory and speech, or in severe cases, to permanent disability that takes away your ability to work or even care for yourself.

Unfortunately, these are not the only consequences that come from traumatic brain injuries. Scientific studies have also linked them to a higher risk of suffering a stroke.

Don't let a simple ladder lead to construction workers' accidents

The ladder is probably one of the most useful tools in a construction worker's arsenal. It is also one of the most taken for granted and most poorly maintained. Construction workers use ladders for a range of work activities from simply reaching a ceiling to climbing up on the roof of a building.

While California workers trust in the safety and security of their ladders, these tools could actually cause construction workers' accidents if they are not properly used and maintained. Since it never hurts to refresh one's awareness about the dangers of construction workers' accidents, the sections below contain tips for using ladders safely in the construction industry.

Extreme summer heat and motorcycle accidents in California

If you are an avid motorcyclist, then you already know that motorcycle accidents can occur in a variety of situations. Chances are, you pay attention to safety while riding, but it can never hurt to take in a few new tips to enhance your safety along California roadways.

Most people would agree that our state is a wonderful place in which to live and to ride. Usually, the weather is pretty forgiving, depending upon what area of California you choose to enjoy. Still, extremely hot weather can and does happen. If you are suffering heat-related stress, you are probably not at your best. This means that you may have increased difficulty avoiding dangerous situations while riding.

California truck accident leaves 1 dead and another injured

A truck accident occurred last week on a busy street in Valley Glen, California. Unfortunately, one man died and a woman suffered injuries in the accident that involved a garbage truck, a pickup and a car.

According to a news report, the truck accident occurred shortly after 11:00 a.m., on June 8 at Burbank and Laurel Canyon Boulevards in Valley Glen. Reportedly, the driver of the garbage truck ran a stoplight and collided with the pickup truck. The force of this collision drove the pickup into a Chevy Cobalt.

The California Highway Patrol has your back after an accident

So many residents of California believe their case may be "swept under the rug" by the state's law enforcement personnel. Fortunately, California takes car, truck, motorcycle and auto-pedestrian accidents quite seriously. You may be pleased to know that California actually has an elite investigative unit that often handles motor vehicle accidents.

MAIT (Multidisciplinary Accident Investigation Team) operates within the CHP (California Highway Patrol). The unit is tasked with intensively investigating auto accidents in order to find out precisely what caused the incident. The team relies on many techniques to conduct these investigations, including accident reconstruction and a study of any factors that might have contributed to the crash.

The complexities of construction workers' accidents claims

The construction industry in California is large and varied. As such, the risks of personal injury to construction workers in the state are considerable and complex. Many construction projects are continuously ongoing in all parts of the state. At any time, office buildings, hospitals, residential homes and other types of structures are in the process of construction. Roadway repair, maintenance and construction are also continuously ongoing.

In other words, construction is a thriving California industry resulting in secure employment and fair wages. Despite the benefits of construction, we as personal injury attorneys are acutely aware of the injuries that often go hand-in-hand with construction workers' accidents. The list below is just a fraction of the injuries many workers in this industry suffer.

Is lane splitting legal in California and is it safe?

The answer to the first part of this question is yes; motorcycle riders are permitted to engage in lane splitting in California. However, as with other traffic-related laws, there are right ways and wrong ways to use these maneuvers. When lane splitting is done correctly, it can reduce motorcycle accidents.

If you are not certain, lane splitting occurs when a motorcyclist travels between stopped or slow-moving traffic. When a motorcycle moves between lanes to the head of the traffic at a stop signal, it is also lane splitting.

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