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Unsafe speed blamed in dozens of California highway crashes

If you drive south of Hayward for about three hours on Interstate 5 you will come to Hanford, California. That is where law enforcement officials said a series of car and commercial vehicle accidents occurred on a recent morning.

A California Highway Patrol spokesperson said 50 vehicles were involved in the crashes. “Every single one of these collisions was caused by people driving too fast for the conditions,” he said.

Don't let post-collision jitters jeopardize your insurance claim.

While the winter months in Hayward typically do not feature the snowfall that blankets regions with colder climes, the increase in rain during this time can make for slick road conditions. During a torrential downpour, issues with hydroplaning and limited visibility can lessen the driver's reaction time. While you may commit to maintaining a safe distance behind cars, those tailgating you may not. Should weather conditions and another driver's conduct lead to a car accident, there is a procedure you should follow to improve the odds insurance will cover your claim.

1. Remove your car from the traffic flow.

If you are able, try to remove your car from oncoming traffic. Your ability to relocate will enable law enforcement or medical aid to access the scene in a timely fashion. Any wide shoulder or side street can suffice.

The basics of renting in California

When you choose to rent in California, you have rights and the landlord has certain responsibilities that both must adhere to under the law. The tenant's rights will always be there even if the landlord does not acknowledge them in the lease agreement.

A lease is a document that describes the number of months you will be renting, the amount you will pay each month and the rules you must abide by. While most leases are in writing, they are not required to be unless the leasing period is for more than one year. However, prior to signing or agreeing to the lease, you should thoroughly review the terms to make sure you understand everything.

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