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Mild traumatic brain injuries can have major consequences

Severe traumatic brain injuries can change lives. Victims suffer from various issues and problems for the rest of their lives. Yet, even the slightest blow to the head can result in severe outcomes over the long term. Recent and ongoing studies are beginning to reveal data that mild TBIs can have a significant impact, particularly when it comes to children.

Several ongoing studies

Researchers based at the Del Monte Institute for Neuroscience are studying the effects of mild traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) and the impact of blows to the head affects the brain. They have found that minors who suffer mild injuries are more likely to experience severe emotional and behavioral issues compared to children who don’t share that type of life-changing injury.

The study presents challenges as blows to the head usually do not require a doctor’s visit, denying researchers data. Instead, they have turned to MRI, and behavioral information gathered from thousands of children participating in the Adolescence Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) Study. The highest risks were found in children approximately ten years old who suffered minor TBI that led to behavioral and emotional issues.

Five years into a ten-year study, The University of Rochester Medical Center is following 11,750 children through early adulthood. The focus is on how biological development, behaviors, and experiences affect the maturation of the brain combined with academic achievement, social development, overall health, and other aspects of their lives.

The objective is to uncover the real impact that hits to the head have on mental health and psychiatric issues and gain a better understanding of what goes on over the long term.