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For Personal Injury, Business Disputes Or Landlord/Tenant

Patricia Turnage is a versatile, experienced attorney known for outstanding client service, litigation skills and professionalism in the courtroom and commitment to justice. Our firm helps injured people pursue proper compensation and also delivers personalized solutions in cases involving landlord/tenant or business/contract disputes.

Trained To Know How The Other Side Thinks

Many personal injury cases involve difficult insurance issues. Fortunately, Patricia Turnage has in-depth knowledge of insurance law that helps her resolve those issues. in addition to more than 30 years of experience as an attorney, she completed a five-year Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter insurance program. This knowledge helps us create effective strategies for obtaining the best settlement possible in a given situation.

During the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, our office is offering video conferencing via a secure, encrypted program that assures privacy and confidentiality for each client and for each potential client.


Serving Clients in The East Bay Since 1999

Resolving Landlord/Tenant Issues

For more than 20 years, Patricia Turnage has helped landlords and tenants in the Bay Area settle legal disputes. This includes both residential and commercial leases. Using our experience and problem-solving skills, we can help you reach an amicable solution to your issue.

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Trusted To Seek Justice

“…she is an absolute workhorse and does her job at an extremely high level. Incredible lawyer, highly knowledgeable, kept me informed constantly on the status of my case, and was very professional. Phenomenal attorney!” – Matthew K.

“…Patricia exemplified patience and attention to detail throughout the entire process and was very compassionate and professional. I highly recommend her for legal advice and representation.” – Rod M.

“Patricia Turnage took care of an auto claim for me that was initially declined by the other party’s insurance company. Her office ended up getting the max available on their policy and it was definitely above the state minimum required insurance! The Law Offices of Patricia Turnage are detailed in their work, persistent and personable. I recommend them!” – Ernie L.

“My wife and I have used this law firm on several occasions. We find Ms. Turnage to be highly qualified to represent us. Her efficient staff is welcoming and easy to work with.” – S. H. N.

 “Patricia is a highly sought after attorney and I can see why. We just finished trial and let me tell you she’s super knowledgeable of the court process. She made the other council look like an idiot! I trust and value Mrs. Turnage, she will be who I use until she retires.” – Carina C.

“I was able to get more money in my case thanks to this woman she was the only one who cared and provided, knowledge and experience to give me the answers I needed. If you need an attorney, put your trust in Patricia…” – Adam C.

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