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Contract Disputes Can Be Costly And Bring Businesses And Construction Projects To A Halt

To avoid business interruptions and keep your workplace and projects running smoothly, you want contract disputes resolved promptly and fairly.

At the Law Offices of Patricia Turnage, we work with East Bay Area clients to resolve a variety of disputed contracts, as well as breach of contract issues. We are a small boutique firm located in Hayward, California. Because we’re small, we can give our clients the attention they need and deserve. We are also approachable but tough when we need to be.

Contracts Can Contain Loopholes

Contracts can be complex and contain loopholes that work to your advantage and disadvantage. We have been helping clients since 1999 to resolve contract disputes. This experience gives you an edge when needing contract assistance and clarity.

Clients sometime bring in contracts created on a slip of paper but created without an attorney and in the heat of the moment. Though binding, we can review the contract and circumstances with you to advise you on the best course of action.

We Draft Contracts

When you reach an agreement with someone it is important that you understand what must be in a written contract to make it enforceable between the parties. We can help you. We draft leases, promissory notes, contracts with specific terms for purchases and transfers of real and personal property. Oral contracts can be enforced, too. We can advise you if your oral agreement would be enforced by the court.

We Resolve Contract Disputes For Businesses, Homeowners, Contractors, Landloads and Tenants

Ms. Turnage will advise you on the rights and obligations in a contract. Some types of contract issues we represent include:

  • General contract disputes
  • Business disputes, including non-disclosure and non-compete agreements
  • Construction defects
  • Disputes involving construction projects and contractors
  • Homeowners disputing work or charges by contractors or wanting to fire a contractor
  • Contractors facing clients who won’t pay for extra work completed or who want to fire a client

We also work on lease contracts, landlord-tenant issues and can advise you on the specifics of tenant law. Whatever your contract problem is, we will review it and advise you on the best way to proceed based on your circumstances.

Contact Us To Begin Working On A Resolution

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