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Motorcycle accidents: Safety gear prevents catastrophic injuries

Most motorists in California are aware of how dangerous motor vehicle collisions can be. Knowing those dangers does not stop some motorcyclists from taking to the streets without proper safety and riding gear. Because motorcyclists have considerably less protection on the roads than do drivers of cars and trucks, they are less likely to walk away from their motor vehicle collisions without serious injury.

What some bikers fail to realize is they never know when that next ride could be their last. Even if an accident does not take them completely out of commission, there is still the possibility of broken and fractured bones, severe lacerations, disfigurement and other critical ailments that could cut their lives short. There is no way to eliminate the hazards that bikers and their passengers face entirely. However, the following pointers on motorcycle gear can help reduce the likelihood of serious and life-altering injuries and death.

Seek help when injured on a California construction site

The risks of injuries to employees on a California job site are both seen and unseen. Either way, they are dangerous.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 5,190 workers were killed on the job in 2016. A good chunk of them occur in the construction industry.

Gather necessary information after a California truck accident

It's hard to imagine anything more frightening on the road that looking in the rearview mirror and seeing a big rig barreling toward you. Or going through an intersection, with a green light, only to find a truck driver didn't obey a red light. In both instances, you do your best to take evasive action.

But accidents with tractor-trailers happen in California and across the United States - far too often. In 2016, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), 4,440 crashes of large trucks and buses that involved a fatality occurred.

What to remember when riding a motorcycle in California in fall

Summer's over, but in Northern California, the arrival of fall doesn't mean it's time to put the motorcycles away. We're lucky that the California climate allows us to ride all year.

What the change of seasons does mean, however, is that there are a few extra things to do and consider. Let's start with the environmental factors that could effect how we ride motorcycles in the fall.

Truck safety in California driven by more than the operator

There is more to truck safety in California and across the country than just being a safe driver.

A rig could have the safest driver in the world but if the truck is improperly loaded, a tragedy can occur. An improperly loaded (or overloaded) truck can cause tires and brakes to wear faster or cause a loss of control that can result in rollover accidents.

Be a good journalist and photographer following a car crash

Perhaps you studied journalism in school and were taught the five Ws: who, what, where, when and why. You can put these questions to good use following a car accident. In addition to jotting down notes, you can take pictures to put the details together.

First things first

Construction workers at high risk of TBI

When you work construction in California, your various worksites usually are busy, noisy and hectic places. Sometimes they also can be dangerous. Considering that you often must perform your work on ladders, scaffolding and/or roofs, you run a high risk of falling and sustaining serious, if not catastrophic, injuries. This is especially true if you hit your head and receive a traumatic brain injury.

A traumatic brain injury occurs when your head and/or neck sustains a blow of such force that it causes your brain to jerk violently back and forth in your skull. The consequent injuries to its delicate cells, nerves and tissues, plus the severity of those injuries, make your brain malfunction. Depending on precisely where the injury occurs and its severity, the effects of this dysfunction can linger for months or years. In the most severe TBI cases, you could become disabled for life.

Stay safe, California: Tips for construction workers and others

The state of California's Department of Industrial Relations put what it titled the Hazard Assessment Checklist on its website.

It's 20 pages of reminders of how a workplace should - and should not - be maintained to keep it safe, and it is daunting.

Why motorcyclists need to "scan ahead" to avoid crashes

Motorcyclists are some of the most "at-risk" drivers on the road. That's because they can accelerate and travel at high speeds, yet their bodies don't benefit from any kind of protection in the event of a crash. Yes, motorcycle helmets help. Yes, armored riding pants and jackets help. However, if a motorcyclist gets into a serious collision, there's a good chance he or she could suffer a catastrophic injury or death, so it's vital for cyclists to do everything they can to avoid getting into a collision in the first place.

Scanning ahead is one of the best things a motorcyclist can do. This involves looking ahead and around oneself to assess the upcoming risk factors. If a motorcyclist is approaching an intersection, for example, the biker should look to see if there are any vehicles waiting to make a left turn, which would cross in front of the biker's path. The biker should also check for vehicles that are waiting to pull out into the road. When these kinds of risk factors are identified, the biker can slow down and/or get ready to take evasive action should the other motorist not be paying attention.

Californians: Follow the crosswalk to stay safe on the road

The roadways of Hayward and Northern California are filled with painted lines. Double yellow lines. Broken white lines. Lines for a bike lane. Lines for a turn lane.

Then there's those two parallel lines that connect one side of the road to the other: the crosswalk.

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