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Aerial lifts and safety at California construction sites

An aerial lift is used on construction job sites to lift workers in California and throughout the United States, enabling them to perform key tasks. Because of how easy it is to move them from one place to next, aerial lifts have become as common as scaffolding and ladders at many work locations.

They aren't without risks, though. In fact, a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), updated in 2019, said that between 2011 and 2014, 87 workers died from injuries suffered while operating an aerial lift or scissor lift. In the same time period, 1,380 people were injured.

What can motorcyclists wear to keep them safe in a crash?

Many motorcyclists enjoy the freeing feeling that comes with riding their motorcycles on the open road. This is why bikers avoid wearing protective gear that could protect them from getting seriously hurt in a crash. That's a mistake on their part though. This is especially the case since there are primary pieces of gear that motorcyclists can wear that may keep them safe and save their lives.

A helmet is one of the most important pieces of equipment that you, as a motorcyclist, can wear. It can keep your brain and face protected if you become involved in a crash. It doesn't make a difference if there is a law on the books that makes it mandatory for you to wear a helmet. You're preserving your future by putting one on.

Pedestrian dies in hit-and-run; arrest made

A pedestrian passed away in a hit-and-run accident in California, and the police have now made an arrest in the case.

The crash happened right around 1:00 a.m., on Thursday, Feb. 6. Per reports, the person who hit the pedestrian was driving a Toyota Prius. At this time, police do think that the man who was hit was trying to cross the road, but he was apparently not in a marked crosswalk. The southbound Prius struck him in the dark.

The risk of tanker trucks turning corners

When a tanker truck takes a corner too quickly, everyone around them on the road is in danger.

The issue is that tanker trucks have a cylindrical tank on the back, and it usually carries something that is not entirely stable and can move with the motion of the truck. It could be everything from food-grade materials to gasoline to oil to hazardous materials.

Things get dangerous when drivers block crosswalks

Have you ever been out for a jog, preparing to cross a street on the walk symbol, only to have a car pull forward and block the crosswalk?

It's dangerous and common. If you're already in the crosswalk, it is illegal. It puts you at risk.

Northern California worker dies in equipment collapse at jobsite

Co-workers are mourning the death of a 31-year man who died as a result of injuries he suffered when a conveyor system at a worksite collapsed on him.

The man, who lived in Fairfield, California, was working at a jobsite along the Petaluma River. Kayakers in the river called for help and reported that they watched as a metal tower fell and heard someone scream.

You can run safely at night. Here's how.

This time of year, with the shorter days, you may have no choice but to run after dark. You still want to get those daily runs in, but your work schedule means you can't go until after dinner, and the sun is usually long down by the time you hit the road.

Night running is inherently a bit more dangerous than running during the day, but you can do it safely. Just use these tips:

  • Run toward the cars when on the side of the road. You want to make sure they see you in their headlights. Additionally, if someone drifts toward you on the shoulder, you want as much warning as possible.
  • Don't try out new routes. Keep things simple. Stick to the roads you know and the places that you normally run.
  • Don't wear headphones and listen to music. You can't see as well, so you absolutely need to hear. You also need to be fully aware of everything happening around you at all times.
  • Wear a vest with a light. Reflective material helps, but an LED light is better. If nothing else, turn on the flashlight on your phone.
  • Do not wear black workout clothes. Pick something a lot brighter. Even if you're running under streetlights, do everything you can to make sure you don't blend in.
  • Run with other people. A group is more visible than one single runner on the side of the road.

Firewalls: Will they protect you in an accident?

Auto accidents can be serious, leading to wounds like burns and broken bones. In some instances, a fire wall doesn't work the way it's supposed to. Sometimes, they break when there is an impact, too, which means that any fire that does take place has the potential to spread into the cabin of the vehicle.

When a fire breaks out in the cabin, there is a serious risk of burns and terrible injuries. Someone who is trapped in the cabin may not be able to escape and could be burned alive.

Construction accident means hospital treatment for roof worker

The construction industry has some of California's most difficult and most dangerous jobs. This is why the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Cal/OSHA) in Sacramento regulates many of the more hazardous conditions and professions in this and many other industries around the state.

One of the riskiest and most regulated types of construction work is roofing, for many of the same reasons that trucking is also a highly regulated trade. The forces involved and the impacts possible for roofers are too great to ignore. This is certainly the case in a recent injury case involving a fall from a great height.

Certain clothing can keep motorcyclists safer out on the road

The onus for keeping motorcyclists safe out on the road doesn't just fall on motorbike manufacturers' shoulders. The responsibility for doing so rests in the hands of companies that design and produce clothing and safety gear for motorcyclists as well. There have been some innovative items introduced in this product space this year that are sure to enhance biker safety moving forward.

One new product that has been released on the market in recent years are connected gloves. A Bluetooth-connected pair was released on the market in recent months. They have a global positioning system (GPS) functionality. They even allow a biker to operate their smartphone with a simple touch of a button.

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