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Dump truck causes 10-vehicle crash in northern California

Few things get anywhere in California without trucking. From construction projects in Los Angeles to farming in the Sacramento Valley, everything from food to building materials moves around the state in trucks.

Everyone on the roads in the Golden State know to keep an eye out for tractor-trailers, dump trucks and other heavy equipment that can cause damaging accidents. The real fear with trucks is that a collision may cause serious injury or permanent disability, or even end in death.

Hayward man killed in motorcycle accident

From the first models to the heaviest hog on the market today, motorcycles have been an essential part of transportation and development in California. Bikes are everywhere, and in some places on a Sunday afternoon, they can own the road in groups, which can increase safety for riders.

Bikes on their own can pose dangers to their drivers, passengers and people around them. The smaller appearance of motorcycles makes them harder to see for car and truck drivers, and the lack of any protection beyond a rider's clothes can make any accident a major source of injury or permanent disability.

California company cited after construction worker's death

Construction is big business in California, with new developments and renovations of old properties occupying a record number of contractors and laborers last year. Although this work is essential to the continuing growth of the state's economy, workplace safety around heavy equipment is even more important.

A construction company is facing major fines due to code violations after the death of a worker at a Laguna Beach multi-floor home under construction. California's Occupational Safety and Health Division (Cal-OSHA) cited the company 11 times, and only seven violations were corrected.

Going to a chiropractor instead of an MD after a car accident

Some people enjoy going to personnel such as acupuncturists or chiropractors. Thus, if you are one of these people and have suffered an injury in an accident, you might decide to see your preferred acupuncturist or chiropractor for help with your back pain, neck pain or other injuries.

However, this move could present a problem down the road if you seek compensation for your injuries. Here is what you should ideally do.

Woman killed in Los Angeles tractor-trailer hit-and-run

Cars and trucks are everywhere in California, from the busy streets of Los Angeles to the northernmost end of the I-5 freeway. The roads they travel on and the sidewalks nearby are largely safe, but accidents can happen anywhere and for any reason.

There are several reasons that an accident between cars, trucks and pedestrians can occur or be more likely to cause extensive injury, permanent disability or death. High speeds in close proximity to developed areas increases dangers to both vehicles' occupants and people on the streets nearby. Drivers must always maintain attention to the road and other vehicles, waiting until stopping to use cellphones or other electronic devices.

I-5 truck accident claims at least 1 fatality

Although California is often defined by its oceans and trains, most residents of and visitors to the state get around by car or truck. The highways and roads of the Golden State are generally safe and populated by attentive drivers, but accidents can happen and the best drivers are those who can avoid dangerous conditions.

Some of the most potentially hazardous vehicles on the roads of California are tractor-trailers, dump trucks and other large mobile equipment that can cause serious damage, injury or death in the case of a collision, even at low speeds. Drivers of these trucks must gain and maintain high qualifications to ensure safety in and around these vehicles.

Woman arrested in California after alleged DUI death

Driving is nearly a necessity for millions of Californians, especially those who live or work far from mass transit options in Los Angeles, San Francisco and the state's other major cities. Operating a motor vehicle brings many responsibilities, such as committing to not being distracted behind the wheel or using a cellphone while driving.

One of the most important rules to driving is to not mix drug or alcohol use with getting on the roads. The punishment for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is severe because impaired drivers can cause serious damage, as well as injury and death, before they can prevent tragic accidents.

Driver killed in big-rig collision on Interstate 880

California's economy depends on reliable transport, and much of this transport is provided by trucks. From long-haul tractor-trailer trucks to delivery vans, much of the foodstuffs, clothes and consumer products that Californians require are brought to them by trucks.

The speed and bulk of trucks, especially while fully loaded on interstate highways and other high speed-limit roads, can cause potential dangers to drivers, passengers and pedestrians alike. Collisions and other accidents are rare, but they can cause serious injury, permanent disability or death when they happen.

3 reasons to keep a symptoms journal after an injury

Whether you have been in an auto collision or hurt while on the clock at work, sustaining an injury is a serious problem that can derail your life and well-being. You likely already know this, though, and are looking for what to do next. As you seek medical care, attempt to get back on your feet and deal with the aftermath of the accident, it is completely natural to feel overwhelmed. 

According to CNN, some injuries—head trauma, in particular—can quickly escalate from a seemingly minor hurt to a major medical crisis. You should never overlook or underestimate symptoms, and keeping a log of them can have a number of benefits to you as you take time to recover.

Why do you need to have health insurance for an injury claim?

Suffering a personal injury is often traumatic and scary. Whether your incident resulted in minor harm or catastrophic consequences, you should take steps to hold the responsible party accountable. Even if there is clear indication of negligence, though, this process is often more complex than simply filing a lawsuit. There are many other factors to take into consideration, and one of them is health insurance.

You might be wondering what health insurance has to do with a personal injury claim, but it actually is an important factor in your case. If you intend to pursue damages against the person or organization responsible for your injury, there are a few reasons you need to be insured. 

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