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Tips for pursuing a workplace injury case in California

If you have experienced an injury on the job in California, you may be wondering whether you have a case against your employer or the party you feel is responsible for the negligence that led to your injury. You may have many questions about how to proceed and what steps to take next. 

Here are a few tips that can help you as you consider whether to consult with an attorney about bringing a potential workplace injury suit against your employer or the party responsible for your personal injury. These ideas can give you some pointers as to steps you can take right now to begin building a potential case to give you material you may be able to supply your attorney if you decide to pursue a lawsuit.

New crosswalk protects pedestrians from car accidents

With so many vehicles on the roads of California, drivers and passengers are always at risk from careless and inattentive drivers. High speed and hazardous maneuvers endanger everyone on the road, but few are more vulnerable than pedestrians.

People standing on the sidewalk or crossing streets in crosswalks maybe seriously injured, permanently disabled or even killed by a collision with a car or truck. Even accidents that start at low speed can be extremely dangerous.

Rear-ending and left turns are big risks for motorcyclists

California is the most populous state in the United States, and it is also home to the most motorcycle drivers in the country. Native Californians are drawn to the bike by the fuel efficiency and ease of maneuverability in famous troublesome traffic jams, and visiting motorcycle enthusiasts love the coastlines, deserts and other amazing natural features of the state.

Motorcycling comes with several obvious risks, but the most dangerous to health and safety for motorcyclists and others on the road alike is collisions with other vehicles. Even a minor scrape with a moving car or truck can cause serious injury, permanent disability or even death to the driver or passenger of a motorcycle.

Truck driver charged in fatal bus accident

Trucks carry a huge amount of the cargo that passes through California, which sits at the crossroads of the world's industry, commerce and agriculture. Drivers and pedestrians in the Golden State rely on the care of professional drivers to avoid problems or, worse, a disaster.

A truck driver is facing recent charges regarding an accident in which he may have criminally endangered traffic and caused the deaths of more than a dozen people. Authorities allege he stopped on the far right lane of Interstate 10 in Palm Springs due to congestion and dozed off.

Self-driving cars increase pedestrian risks in California

Transportation is essential to California's robust and diverse economy. Agricultural and industrial products leave the state by land, sea and air on a daily basis, and the freeways and streets contain every type of vehicle imaginable.

This has led to some of the greatest innovations in travel and transportation being incubated in Silicon Valley and elsewhere across the Golden State. Alternative fuels have been developed alongside more efficient batteries. The next great challenge is a vehicle that can drive itself.

California town tries to improve pedestrian safety

California combines nearly every form of transportation. Freeways and light rail tie together some of the densest and largest population centers in the world, while farmers walk along lesser roads in the heartland and desert extremes. One would not be too surprised to see a horse in Lane No. 2 while driving in the Golden State.

The proximity of pedestrians to major roads and crossings creates possible hazards for drivers and walkers alike. Speed, darkness and driver inattentiveness can all lead to disaster. Even a slow or minor collision between a motor vehicle and a pedestrian can cause serious injury, permanent disability or even death.

3 common distractions for school bus drivers

You are likely well aware of the fact that many commercial truck drivers and ordinary motorists are prone to various distractions that cause accidents, but what about school bus drivers? Turns out they get dangerously distracted, too. Not much could be worse than a school bus transporting children plowing into you. Not only can these massive vehicles cause serious damage and injuries to you, but the children inside are at risk, too. 

What exactly is distracting drivers who are responsible for safely taking children to and from school? Read on to learn about school bus driver distractions.

Motorcyclist killed in freeway bus collision

California is a popular state for bikers. The state has the most roads listed in the country's top 100 choices for motorcycles, and there is no state with more registered motorcycles. Any trip onto a crowded freeway in the Bay Area or elsewhere will convince someone to try a bike.

Motorcycles also pose unique traffic challenges to riders and other vehicles. The slim profile of motorcycles make them more difficult to see from behind a windshield, and this can cause hazards. Bikers are unprotected compared to a driver or passenger inside a car or truck, so even minor collisions can be devastating or fatal.

Pedestrian killed in California pickup truck collision

Drivers in California can expect to encounter not only cars, trucks, buses and pedestrians on the road, but from time to time, tankers, golf carts and horses will be on the road in front of them. Such encounters can cause unexpected hazards for drivers even if they are paying close attention.  The exercise of extra care is needed to keep the roads around them safe. This includes paying full attention to the road and avoiding cellphones and other distractions. It also means proper maintenance of headlights, windshield and windshield wipers that allow a clear view of the vehicle or pedestrian in front of you. Multi-lane roads, including interstate freeways and high-traffic state roads, also present the danger of lane change related auto accidents.

California family sues after construction worker killed on site

A California family lost a husband and father when he died after a wall collapsed on him at the construction site where he was working. The 51-year-old father of three was working and eating lunch in a trench with another construction worker on the site of a new car dealership when a wall collapsed on the pair.

One of the victims of the construction site accident managed to escape with nonlife-threatening injuries. But rescue crews became a recovery team once the man's death was confirmed. The managing construction corporation has been sued for negligence, willful failure to warn and dangerous condition of public property.

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