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Man suffers critical injuries after getting hit in a crosswalk

One of the first things people will tell you about safely walking near traffic is that you should always use the crosswalks. Jaywalking puts you in danger. As long as you cross where drivers expect you to be, you are safer.

This is good advice, but it doesn't prevent all accidents. To illustrate this point, a man in California was recently hit by a car while he was apparently in the crosswalk.

Tips for safe operation of a crane at construction sites

Overhead cranes are an efficient way to move loads in a variety of industries in California, but they present an abundance of safety risks.

Every company should have a plan for the safe use of an overhead crane that includes a daily checklist for proper operation and an extensive training protocol. Here are some safety tips to start.

  1. Before starting a job, make sure the crane is equipped to handle the job ahead. It must have the proper travel, load capacity and lift.
  2. Inspect the crane, both physically and visually, before using it. Check for wear and tear, damage and proper operation.
  3. Make sure all slings and rigging hardware are in good working condition. Don't use slings that are damaged or defective.
  4. Make sure everyone working with the crane is aware of the signals to be used and that the identity of the designated signaler is clear.
  5. Ensure that there are no obstructions or people in the load lift area. Don't lift loads over any people.
  6. Check that the safety latch has been closed.
  7. Secure any sling legs not in use.
  8. Reduce load swings by moving the load and controls smoothly.
  9. Raise the load only as high as you must.
  10. Follow proper training for setting down loads.

Why you should always document a car crash in photos

When you find yourself involved in a California car crash, chances are that your immediate concerns will involve making sure you and any passengers riding with you are in good shape physically following the wreck. Because emotions can run high in these situations, and particularly if your crash was the result of someone else’s negligence or actions, you may not immediately think to begin documenting the crash site with your camera or phone. However, you would be wise to do so right away if you plan to pursue recourse against the other driver.

Ultimately, the more information and evidence you have to demonstrate your version of events, the better your chances of securing a favorable outcome. While it is important to take notes about the exact time the crash occurred and any other information that could potentially prove relevant in your case, do not miss your opportunity to extensively photograph your crash scene.

Do not multitask on a motorcycle

It is easy for some new motorcycle riders to assume that riding is not all that different from driving a car. Sure, you have to learn some special skills and get the proper license, but you still follow the basic rules of the road. If you learned how to ride a bike when you were a kid, surely you can ride a motorcycle now, right?

In actuality, this is not something you want to take lightly. Motorcycles are vastly different from cars and you need to put special care into driving safely, especially when you first start out.

The 70-30 braking rule for motorcycles: How does it work?

Your ability to control a motorcycle depends a lot on your riding experience. Motorcycle riders who have spent more time on the road have encountered more situations and learned how to navigate them. You can also build your motorcycle control abilities by taking riding lessons where they teach important safety tips about braking, maneuvering and navigating your way through traffic. That brings us to the 70/30 braking rule, which motorcycle courses commonly teach.

How does the 70/30 braking rule work?

3 ways rain causes car accidents in California

The recent onslaught of rain in California is welcome news in terms of the drought. According to The Mercury News, rainfall is responsible for bringing the Golden State out of the years-long dry spell. But while the precipitation is good for the state as a whole, it can wreak havoc on roads and highways. 

Wet weather causes and contributes to auto accidents in multiple ways. Even though a downpour may not seem like a big deal, here are the main ways that it impacts your safety while driving.

Why construction workers sustain so many back injuries

As a California construction worker, you know that your job requires you to lift, carry and move heavy equipment and materials every day. Since you probably do not consciously think of the beating your back takes day after day, you could be injuring it without knowing it.

Construction workers like you remain at high risk for work-related musculoskeletal disorders, generally known as WMSDs, particularly those occurring in your back. As you might expect, the older your age and the more years you have spent on the job, the higher your risk of back injury. In 2014 alone, construction workers lost over $46 million in wages because they had to take an average of 13 days off from work to recover from their relatively minor back injuries.

How safe are older truckers on the highways?

There is a nationwide shortage of truck drivers to haul America's goods -- and it could be impacting the safety of the trucking industry. It's estimated that in order to move at least 70 percent of the cargo for our country, there must be no fewer than 48,000 able-bodied truck drivers available.

This need has caused trucking companies to become more aggressive in their recruiting efforts. Many now target older drivers who in more prosperous decades might be enjoying their retirement years. Today, there are roughly 10 percent of truckers on the road who have already passed their 65th birthday.

How construction workers can help prevent power tool injuries

Too many serious injuries in construction work are caused by power tools that are worn out, malfunctioning or just plain defective. Construction workers can help prevent these injuries by properly inspecting their power tools before they begin using them

Following are some red flags that there may be a problem with a power tool. Note that you should always unplug the tool from the power source prior to inspecting it or trying to diagnose the problem to help avoid electrocution.

Odds of dying in a pedestrian accident are disproportionally high

If you get involved in a pedestrian accident, as the pedestrian, your odds of suffering from fatal injuries are higher than they are in other types of collisions.

One study noted that a mere 1.2 percent of all car accidents involve pedestrians. Rather than making up a corresponding 1.2 percent of all fatalities, though, pedestrians made up a staggering 5 percent.

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