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Tenant and Landlord

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While the San Francisco Bay Area is one of the most desirable locations in the country in many ways, it can also be a very difficult place to live. That can be true whether you’re a landlord or a renter.

When the economy is booming, tenants face high demand and high rents. Even during those times when the demand is not so high, landlords face high real estate prices, tight regulations and, often, high taxes and thin profit margins. As a result of these and other pressures, landlord-tenant disputes are common in California, and perhaps especially so in the East Bay.

Currently, the court is closed to the public and not available to assist landlords and tenants in resolving landlord-tenant disputes. The only exception is if your tenant is posing a danger to others and safety is an issue. We are monitoring the court’s website closely to become aware of the date when you can file papers and resolve your dispute in court.

At the Law Offices of Patricia Turnage, located in Hayward, we help both landlords and tenants with many types of legal issues, including:

We have experience in both residential and commercial landlord-tenant matters, and we work hard to protect the rights of our clients.

Forceful Advocacy For Landlord Rights And Tenant Rights

Our law firm believes that each side of the landlord-tenant relationship has its own rights and duties and each deserves representation by a skilled lawyer.

Whether we’re representing landlords or tenants, we make sure that all paperwork is in order and all deadlines met. We make sure our clients understand all the costs and fees involved in taking legal action, and we try hard to reach agreements in order to avoid the high costs of trial. However, if going to court becomes necessary, we have the skill and experience to make a formidable case for our clients in front of a judge or a jury.

If you are considering legal action in a landlord-tenant dispute in the Bay Area, no matter which side of the relationship you are on, you need a skilled and experienced attorney on your side. Call the Law Offices of Patricia Turnage today at 510-470-5044 or contact the firm by email.