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At the Law Offices of Patricia Turnage, we want you to feel welcome and comfortable in our office, knowing that your legal issues are in capable hands. We know that legal disputes are stressful, and we care about not adding to your stress with unnecessary phone calls and paperwork.

Our East Bay Area firm has earned a reputation for professionalism and ethical conduct, but we also have the skills, knowledge and experience to be tough and tenacious when we need to be.

Our Distinctive Training In Insurance And Business Law Gives Your Personal Injury Case An Advantage

Founding attorney Patricia Turnage has taught business law for many years. This teaching experience gives her in-depth knowledge to represent clients who have business law disputes.

Patricia has also been a judge which gives you the unique advantage of having not only a litigator, but also someone who has presided over cases and knows how a judge thinks.

Additionally, Patricia completed a five-year training program to earn her Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) certification. She understands how the insurance business functions, allowing her to better serve California clients and avoid accepting offers that undervalue a client’s case. She will work to secure the best settlements possible from the insurance companies.

Not Just Lawyers, Communicators With Compassion

Founding Attorney Patricia Turnage

Photo of Patricia A. Turnage

Prior to earning her law degree, Ms. Turnage earned an education degree. In law, she has put her learned skills in the classroom to work in the courtroom. She and her staff display a blend of strength and compassion which results in a pleasant, non-intimidating relationship with each client, at the same time presenting a strong adversarial position on her client’s behalf.

Legal Assistant Stephanie Rae

Photo of Stephanie Rae

Stephanie Rae is the legal assistant in the firm. She is a Bay Area native and graduated college in Southern California. Upon returning to the Bay Area three years ago, she became employed in our office. Since graduating college she pursued business and marketing and has an impressive resume’ of accomplishments in those fields. She plans to pursue paralegal studies in the fall.

Ms. Rae is our front office manager. Her friendly and helpful attitude helps potential clients to feel at ease when explaining the facts of their case before speaking with an attorney. In these past three years she has proven herself to be a valuable employee who shows compassion and concern for all our clients, as well as demonstrating an excellent understanding of office management and legal procedure.

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