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Highway construction worker killed, another injured

If you drive south of Hayward for about an hour, you will come to Scotts Valley, California. The small town was recently the scene of a horrific construction accident that took the life of one worker and left another injured.

The two workers were helping clear a mudslide off of Highway 17 late last week when they were struck by a construction truck. A KSBW reporter was on the scene when the tragedy took place.

Reporter Phil Gomez said the workers were pinned beneath the vehicle’s wheels. One of the men, a 54-year-old from Los Banos, died just minutes later from his severe injuries.

The other worker struck by the vehicle was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was reported to be conscious and speaking.

The Watsonville company was engaged in a week-long clean-up of the highway, the TV station reported. The truck driver was hauling rocks and mud from the area when he backed the heavy construction dump truck over the two workers.

Understandably the truck driver was reportedly “very distraught.”  Nonetheless, his negligence caused this tragedy.  The law provides compensation for those injured and who lost loved ones.

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