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Debunking common motorcycle safety myths

Hayward, California, has some of the finest weather patterns in the nation. It is not too cold in the winter and not too hot in the summer. This makes for excellent motorcycle riding conditions year-round. Unfortunately, even the best weather does not remove all of the accident risk associated with riding motorcycles.

For those who enjoy riding, motorcycle accidents are always a risk. Operators have much less protection than they would in a car or a pickup truck, meaning the risk for serious injury is greater. Further, many people operate their cycles under several misconceptions that could add to the risk of having an accident. Here are three motorcycle safety myths for you to consider.

Myth: Wearing helmets can cause the neck to snap.

Fact: Studies indicate that wearing helmets actually reduces the risk of neck injury.

Myth: Riding skill and experience ensure riders can avoid motorcycle accidents.

Fact: Skill can certainly help in some cases, but many crashes occur without warning, leaving even the most experienced rider vulnerable to an accident.

Myth: Other motorists do not care about motorcycle riders.

Fact: Other drivers want to avoid an accident just as much as you do. In most cases, motorcycles are simply difficult to see and could be obscured by objects and glare from the sun or hidden from view in a driver’s blind spot.

When you dismiss these and other cycle safety myths, you will likely increase your safety on California roadways. If you still become involved in a motorcycle accident due to the negligence of another person, you can seek compensation for your injuries. Your best course of action is talking about the accident with a personal injury lawyer.

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