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Large truck accidents remain a problem for California motorists

The trucking industry has undergone a lot of regulation reform in recent decades with more to come in 2017. While this can only be viewed as good news, a simple Internet search will show you that truck accidents involving large commercial vehicles still occur just about every day. As a bustling state filled with various types of commerce, California contains many trucking routes. This means motorists must share the road with trucks on a daily basis.

We know that no truck driver wants to cause or experience a truck accident. After all, having an accident will affect the truck driver as well as the victim. It could mean the loss of employment, serious injuries and damage to the driver’s career. We understand that this does not make up for injuring other motorists and passengers, but we want our readers to know that truck accidents are not malicious.

Sometimes an accident is simply an accident. It is when negligence plays a role that victims can seek a legal remedy. We have seen many successful personal injury cases centered on truck accidents and we know what success means to injured parties. Not only is it a way to acquire compensation for their injuries; it is a way to find closure and the peace of mind that comes with holding responsible parties accountable for their negligent actions.

Our attorneys want all California residents who have suffered negligent injuries in a truck accident to know that help is easier to find than you may think. Often, the first step—consulting with a lawyer—is the most difficult, but also the most rewarding. Please review our personal injury web pages to learn more about your legal options following a truck accident.