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Representation after an accident aids in insurance negotiations

According to the Centers for Disease Control, auto-pedestrian accidents are a problem in America. The CDC’s research data revealed that over 150,000 pedestrians received emergency treatment for accident-related injuries in 2013. That same year, 4,735 pedestrians died in auto-pedestrian accidents.

These accidents occur in all areas of the nation, and California is certainly no exception. In our legal practice, we have helped many California residents after an auto-pedestrian accident and we have seen how these victims struggle. You probably already understand that a personal injury lawyer can help accident victims file an injury claim against the responsible party, but that is not the attorney’s only role.

We can assist victims in many different ways from providing support to initiating legal action against negligent parties. One of our most overlooked roles is helping auto-pedestrian accident victims negotiate with insurance companies.

When you think about it, you will realize that insurance companies do not like to pay out for claims. In fact, they will usually try not to pay if it is at all possible. Ordinary people do not typically have the tools necessary to stand against these big insurance companies, but experienced personal injury lawyers do have the necessary tools.

Having a professional, educated advocate on your side improves your chances of receiving what you truly deserve when you file an insurance claim. Recovering from injuries suffered in an auto-pedestrian accident can be a long, painful and arduous experience. We believe attorneys can bear some of the burden on your behalf.

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