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Dealing with insurance companies after a motorcycle accident

A motorcycle accident comes with many hardships, some of which are impossible to predict. However, it is safe to say that survivors will likely suffer injuries from minor to severe and/or they will emerge from the ordeal shaken to the core. In either or both of these situations, there are tasks that must be attended to. One of these tasks is dealing with the involved insurance companies.

In a time of deep emotional or physical trauma, the last thing a victim wants to do is talk with insurance companies that may be dragging out the claim. Even worse, your valid claim may be denied, adding not only worry but also additional hardships to what is already an uphill battle. This is when working with a personal injury attorney can really make a difference.

In our California legal practice, we have seen how insurance companies try to avoid paying valid claims. Insurance claim denials victimize survivors of motorcycle accidents, who are already victims in many cases. Amidst all of the hardships you may already be suffering, this is often the final straw. Those who are not equipped to handle these insurance companies may simply give up and lick their wounds in silence.

Believing that the only way a lawyer can help is by filing a personal injury claim is a common misconception. Working with insurance companies is one of the most valuable services we can offer. We speak the same language as insurance companies do, and strong-arm tactics do not intimidate us.

Compensation is important following a motorcycle accident and a lawyer can make sure you get what you deserve. Please explore our personal injury website for more information.