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Recent fatal truck accident highlights driver error issues

Sometimes, even the smallest mistake can lead to unthinkable tragedy. A recent California truck accident that took the life of a man occurred because of one small mistake. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) recently released a statement with details about the truck accident.

According to the release, the driver of a semi truck traveling at about 60 mph on Highway 46 drifted onto the shoulder. In an attempt to correct his position, the driver veered back onto the highway inside a curve and crossed over the center divider before clipping a Dodge Dakota.

The semi then collided head on with a GMC Sierra, resulting in major damage to both motor vehicles. At this point, the semi continued to swerve before tipping over and spilling its cargo, spent and mushy grain from a brewing facility.

Unfortunately, the driver of the GMC died from blunt force trauma caused by the truck accident. Because of the impact from the semi, the Dodge Dakota crashed into two other vehicles, resulting in minor injuries to one man. The authorities believe that alcohol or drugs were not a factor in this truck accident.

While it seems pretty clear that the driver of the semi tried to avoid the accident, the incident reveals how important it is to practice caution behind the wheel at all times. The family members of the deceased now have some decisions to make. One of these is whether to take legal action against the semi driver. These kinds of decisions are never easy, but the bereaved can find guidance by talking with a personal injury attorney.

Source: The Tribune, “CHP releases new details about fatal Highway 46 crash near Shandon,” Megan Henney, April 02, 2017