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Which California cities have the most auto-pedestrian accidents?

As you know, auto-pedestrian accidents will likely occur wherever motorists and pedestrians mingle. Unfortunately, this includes all major metropolitan cities and quite a few smaller cities as well. California has more than its fair share of accidents involving pedestrians. The great weather and numerous parks often bring both walkers and motorists out in droves. Sometimes, this mix can result in tragedy

Three California locations were included in a report of the nation’s most dangerous cities for pedestrians. The report assigns each city a pedestrian danger index number, which is calculated by plotting the amount of pedestrian deaths against the amount of people who choose to walk.

The San Bernardino, Ontario and Riverside area ranked as the 14th most dangerous city for pedestrians with 889 deaths occurring from 2003 through 2012. The percentage of walkers in this area is 1.8 while the percentage of pedestrian deaths per 100,000 people is 1.81, resulting in an index number of 102.17.

By contrast, the area including Los Angeles, Long Beach and Santa Ana experienced far more deaths at 2,435 but received an index number of only 66.91. This is because more people walk in this area, which results in fewer deaths per percentage of walkers. The report ranks this area at 28.

Sacramento and neighboring cities received a rank of 23 with 390 deaths. Its index number is 81.27, which means it experiences many pedestrian accidents compared with the number of people who walk in the area.

Auto-pedestrian accidents nearly always result in severe injuries or death. Victims of these accidents should not hesitate to seek a legal opinion if they feel the need to take action against the parties responsible.

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