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Don’t let a simple ladder lead to construction workers’ accidents

The ladder is probably one of the most useful tools in a construction worker’s arsenal. It is also one of the most taken for granted and most poorly maintained. Construction workers use ladders for a range of work activities from simply reaching a ceiling to climbing up on the roof of a building.

While California workers trust in the safety and security of their ladders, these tools could actually cause construction workers’ accidents if they are not properly used and maintained. Since it never hurts to refresh one’s awareness about the dangers of construction workers’ accidents, the sections below contain tips for using ladders safely in the construction industry.

— Always inspect ladders to make sure they are not faulty or manufactured improperly and are in good working condition.

— Use the three-point contact system at all times when on a ladder, such as two feet and one hand or two hands and one foot.

— Ensure that non-self-supporting ladders are at the proper 4:1 ratio angle to the structure; the rule is one foot from the support for each four feet of ladder.

— Never stand on the top rung of a ladder.

— Never lean away from or extend your body away from your ladder

— Be sure to place your ladder on even surfaces before climbing or working from the ladder.

Ladders remain a large part of construction. Using them correctly and watching out for your co-workers keeps everyone safe and on the job. If a faulty or defective ladder leads to construction workers’ accidents, consider talking with a lawyer about the details of the incident.

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