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Extreme summer heat and motorcycle accidents in California

If you are an avid motorcyclist, then you already know that motorcycle accidents can occur in a variety of situations. Chances are, you pay attention to safety while riding, but it can never hurt to take in a few new tips to enhance your safety along California roadways.

Most people would agree that our state is a wonderful place in which to live and to ride. Usually, the weather is pretty forgiving, depending upon what area of California you choose to enjoy. Still, extremely hot weather can and does happen. If you are suffering heat-related stress, you are probably not at your best. This means that you may have increased difficulty avoiding dangerous situations while riding.

Being prepared to beat the heat can keep you safe in general and help you avoid motorcycle accidents. Use the following extreme heat riding tips to stay cool and motorcycle accident-free this summer.

— Always plan a route that includes frequent stops to cool off and hydrate.

— Always pack more water than you believe you will need.

— Remain alert for signs of heat-related illnesses in yourself and your companions.

— Avoid rapid dehydration by keeping your skin covered at all times.

— Consider purchasing a cooling vest for rides in extreme summer heat.

When you are cool, alert and comfortable, you are in a much better position to spot danger and avoid motorcycle accidents. If parking your bike is not an option, we urge you to pay extra attention to your personal safety.

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