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The California Highway Patrol has your back after an accident

So many residents of California believe their case may be “swept under the rug” by the state’s law enforcement personnel. Fortunately, California takes car, truck, motorcycle and auto-pedestrian accidents quite seriously. You may be pleased to know that California actually has an elite investigative unit that often handles motor vehicle accidents.

MAIT (Multidisciplinary Accident Investigation Team) operates within the CHP (California Highway Patrol). The unit is tasked with intensively investigating auto accidents in order to find out precisely what caused the incident. The team relies on many techniques to conduct these investigations, including accident reconstruction and a study of any factors that might have contributed to the crash.

Members of the MAIT unit undergo extensive training in several disciplines such as:

— Collision damage analysis, aka vehicle dynamics

— Occupant kinematics, or human factor analysis

— Collision analysis and reconstruction physics

— Proper use of surveying equipment

— Proper accident scene photography

— Use of Computer-Aided Design software

The tools and disciplines used by MAIT can often take the guesswork as well the “she said, he said” elements out of auto-pedestrian accidents. What this means for pedestrian victims injured by a reckless driver is vindication and a secure path to seeking compensation through the law.

When law enforcement and a good personal injury attorney is on your side, it may be easier than you think to hold the person responsible for your injuries to account. Do not be afraid to ask responding police officers about your accident investigation and remember that if you take steps to remain informed about your accident, it can help with any legal action you decide to pursue.

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