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The complexities of construction workers’ accidents claims

The construction industry in California is large and varied. As such, the risks of personal injury to construction workers in the state are considerable and complex. Many construction projects are continuously ongoing in all parts of the state. At any time, office buildings, hospitals, residential homes and other types of structures are in the process of construction. Roadway repair, maintenance and construction are also continuously ongoing.

In other words, construction is a thriving California industry resulting in secure employment and fair wages. Despite the benefits of construction, we as personal injury attorneys are acutely aware of the injuries that often go hand-in-hand with construction workers’ accidents. The list below is just a fraction of the injuries many workers in this industry suffer.

— Burns and electrical injuries

— Broken bones

— Spine, back, head and neck injuries

— Eye and ear injuries

— Repetitive motion injuries

These injuries can occur due to many kinds of construction workers’ accidents such as falling, being crushed between objects or being hit by a falling object. Often, multiple injuries can occur in a single construction worker accident, increasing the already complex nature of the incident.

While it is true that workers’ compensation exists to benefit workers suffering work-related illnesses and injuries, it may not be enough protection overall. Acquiring every cent of the compensation injured workers are due is paramount to making a full recovery. Personal injury lawyers understand this and can help with complicated work injury claims.

Whether you need help navigating the workers’ comp claims process or seeking additional forms of compensation through a third-party claim, it is wise to seek assistance from a professional. If you need additional information, please see our website or reach out to our staff for help.