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3 common contributors to scaffolding accidents

Scaffolding is a common fixture on construction sites, and it is often a necessity to accomplish work at high levels. It is also a reason for many accidents, and yet according to OSHA, 65 percent of all workers in the construction field work on scaffolding structures regularly. In order to improve the safety of these workers, it is essential to understand the common causes of accidents.

The following three are just a few of the most frequently cited contributing factors. There are many safety hazards present at any construction site, and it is important to be aware of your legal rights if you become a victim of such unsafe conditions.

1. No toeboards on scaffolding

Properly constructed scaffolding should always have toeboards attached that keep workers safe from tools or materials that may fall. This plank should be affixed to the edge of the scaffolding structure, but if there is none, any object on the platform can easily get kicked down and strike a worker who is below. Though completely avoidable, this is one of the most common kinds of scaffolding accidents.

2. No oversight during construction

It is imperative that a skilled professional oversee the construction of scaffolding in order to ensure it is safe and compliant with all OSHA standards. Unfortunately, however, many construction sites erect scaffolds haphazardly and have workers using unsafe scaffolding as a result. A safety specialist should check and approve all structures prior to having workers get started.

3. No training provided to workers

Proper equipment and safe construction will not prevent scaffolding accidents if workers have not receive proper training on how to use the structures safely. All construction personnel should be familiar with safety procedures and accident prevention if they will be working on or around scaffolding structures on a construction site. This improves worker awareness and helps cut down on unnecessary injuries.