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3 Oakland children injured in crosswalk collision

Crosswalks, especially marked crosswalks, are vital to the safety of the walkers on California’s roads. Motor vehicle collisions are much more injurious to pedestrians than drivers, and both require vigilance to avoid tragic injuries or deaths.

A terrible example was recently caught on camera in an Oakland neighborhood where three local children were struck by a car at a crosswalk. All three children, including the youngest who was dragged under the car, survived with the assistance of bystanders.

The video shows the two older children stopped and looked both ways before crossing. They apparently thought the driver would stop and visibly braced for impact right before the collision.

California crosswalk law gives pedestrians the right of way to cross on a green light or signal, and drivers can proceed without delay only if they are already in the intersection before a pedestrian begins to cross.

A witness, who recounted previous collisions involving pets, said he was planning to reach out to his city councilman to make the crosswalk more visible. He blamed distracted drivers and speeding drivers for the dangers of the dark intersection at night.

Fortunately, the three victims are already home and recovering from their injuries. Other collisions, however, can require further time recovering under hospital care and payment of expensive medical bills.

Victims and their families may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses or other costs related to motor vehicle accidents. A lawyer with experience in personal injury can help weigh options and fight for victims’ rights.

Source: KPIX, “Horrific Oakland Crash into Three Children Caught on Camera,” Da Lin, July 14, 2017