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Collision with semi causes disastrous accident

Cars and trucks often share the roads of California, except for traffic jams, and there is plenty of room for everyone. But sometimes truck drivers can make errors that can cost lives, even if the driver is not there to see it.

A semi-truck caused a fatal accident on Chula Vista’s Eastlake Parkway when a driver crashed into the back of the trailer while the rig was parked in the road’s bike lane.

The truck was parked while the driver was getting breakfast at a local fast-food restaurant. A witness reported to police that he has seen the same truck parked there for the same reason.

The brother of the crash victim shared a piece of advice for the future. “Follow rules,” he said to local media. “If [the truck] wouldn’t have been there, it would be something totally different.”

The driver did not comment as he was seen taking photographs of the accident, a wise activity before possible legal action. A police investigation will begin the process of finding if the driver or his employer are liable for the accident.

Accidents involving trucks, moving or stationary, can be fatal and affect multiple vehicles. Survivors of truck crashes often require medical care at considerable expense during recovery or may bear a permanent disability.

If you have been involved in a truck accident, it is important to find out the circumstances of the incident as soon as possible. Know your rights, including seeking compensation for your expenses or recompense for pain and suffering. An experienced attorney can help you learn more.

Source: NBC San Diego, “Family, Friends Gather for Vigil for 20-Year-Old Man Killed in Eastlake,” July 12, 2017