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Concrete truck causes 6-vehicle accident

California depends on motor vehicles to keep its economy running at full strength. A variety of trucks, semis and other cargo-bearing vehicles now crowd the state’s interstate highways and lesser roads, making drivers and pedestrians more reliant on driver safety.

A variety of issues on the road can distract drivers to the point that they are creating hazards. Cellphone use, exhaustion or operating vehicles under the influence of drugs or alcohol can all contribute to serious accidents. Even minor or low-speed collisions with large trucks can cause serious injury, damage or even death.

A simple failure to properly slow or stop for traffic in front of them can lead trucks to cause multi-vehicle accidents such as a recent collision on State Highway 132. The California Highway Patrol reports that an empty concrete truck rear-ended a van that was slowing for stopped traffic ahead.

The truck continued along the road to two other cars, which were pushed into vehicles ahead of them. Six vehicles were damaged in all, causing minor injuries for all drivers involved and breaking the arm of one of them.

Three regional medical centers received the drivers and treated their injuries. No charges have yet been filed against the truck driver or any others involved while police investigate.

Victims of accidents caused by truck drivers may be eligible to receive court-order reimbursement for medical expenses or compensation for other related costs. Legal representation is a helpful aid to understanding your options as a motor vehicle accident victim in the Golden State.

Source: Modesto Bee, “Update: Chain-reaction accident on Highway 132 causes broken arm, lesser injuries,” John Holland, Sep. 12, 2017