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Supervisors play a role in preventing construction accidents

Construction accidents are quite common. They are also usually very devastating. The sad thing is most of them are also preventable. Accidents can often be attributed to someone not paying attention or someone ignoring safety rules. Of all the people of a construction site, it is the supervisor who probably has the most control over the situations that lead to accidents.

With this in mind, it is essential that construction supervisors take a bit of responsibility for the safety of their crews. According to the International Association of Drilling Contractors, when those in charge pay attention and stay on top of site safety, it can go a long way towards making everyone safer and preventing accidents.

Daily Functions

Each day a supervisor should asses working conditions on the construction site. Equipment checks should be monitored. Employees should be watched as they begin their work. If the supervisor notices anything that is not correct or that could increase the risk of injury, he or she should take immediate action to correct it. A supervisor needs to have a daily checklist and make it a habit to perform these daily safety checks.

Attention to Details

A supervisor’s job also entails properly preparing employees and making sure every worker is trained. He or she must implement procedures to increase safety when needed. Developing the proper attitude for approaching this responsibility is also important. If a supervisor does not take construction site safety seriously, then workers will not either. Having an authority and a commitment to safety can go a long way.

After an Accident

While a supervisor should focus a lot on prevention of accidents, they can still happen despite the best intentions. When an accident occurs, the supervisor should make sure the incident is fully investigated. Any injury must be taken seriously. Even minor construction injuries are just as important as a catostrophic injury because another accident in the future may be more serious.

When supervisors on construction sites take responsibility for worker safety, everyone benefits. It leads to a safer workplace and employees that are more focused.