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3 common distractions for school bus drivers

You are likely well aware of the fact that many commercial truck drivers and ordinary motorists are prone to various distractions that cause accidents, but what about school bus drivers? Turns out they get dangerously distracted, too. Not much could be worse than a school bus transporting children plowing into you. Not only can these massive vehicles cause serious damage and injuries to you, but the children inside are at risk, too. 

What exactly is distracting drivers who are responsible for safely taking children to and from school? Read on to learn about school bus driver distractions.

1. Electronic devices

Just like other drivers, school bus operators often get distracted on their cellphones. It is illegal for school bus drivers to text or talk on the phone while driving in many states, including California, according to the Center for Transportation Safety. However, school bus drivers may listen to music or use GPS technology, both of which can be distracting. 

2. Eating and drinking

If a school bus driver forgets to eat breakfast before heading out for the morning route, he or she may be tempted to bring some food aboard. What one driver may not think of as a big deal could result in a tragic accident. Eating a granola bar or breakfast burrito while driving could have disastrous consequences for everyone involved, including innocent motorists like you. 

3. Rowdy passengers

Everyone knows that kids can get a little noisy at times, whether they are in elementary or high school. Loud chatter and even fights can result in distractions for the driver. Schools should have behavior policies in place, and drivers should undergo proper training on how to handle these situations. 

School bus drivers, school districts and governments should all promote a distraction-free environment. If a driver gives in to the distractions of phones, food or students, you could get hit by a massive vehicle.