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California town tries to improve pedestrian safety

California combines nearly every form of transportation. Freeways and light rail tie together some of the densest and largest population centers in the world, while farmers walk along lesser roads in the heartland and desert extremes. One would not be too surprised to see a horse in Lane No. 2 while driving in the Golden State.

The proximity of pedestrians to major roads and crossings creates possible hazards for drivers and walkers alike. Speed, darkness and driver inattentiveness can all lead to disaster. Even a slow or minor collision between a motor vehicle and a pedestrian can cause serious injury, permanent disability or even death.

A California town is working on a solution to a major risk to local pedestrians. An effort to turn a hazardous intersection into a controlled four-way stop for motor vehicles is the first step to installing a median and a rapid-response flashing beacon for increased pedestrian safety.

The effort is a response to the tragic death of a 27-year-old wheelchair-bound woman who was killed at the spot in the summer of 2017. A car struck her while she was crossing one of the two streets. “The speed appears to be a critical factor [in pedestrian safety],” said a local resident.

Pedestrian victims of motor vehicle collisions deserve a chance to claim financial damages appropriate to the pain, suffering and losses suffered in and after the incident. An attorney may help identify to best ways forward towards being made whole, through settlements or civil court actions.

Source: Sonoma West Times and News, “City balks at making intersection changes,” Amie Windsor, Oct. 06, 2017