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New crosswalk protects pedestrians from car accidents

With so many vehicles on the roads of California, drivers and passengers are always at risk from careless and inattentive drivers. High speed and hazardous maneuvers endanger everyone on the road, but few are more vulnerable than pedestrians.

People standing on the sidewalk or crossing streets in crosswalks maybe seriously injured, permanently disabled or even killed by a collision with a car or truck. Even accidents that start at low speed can be extremely dangerous.

A San Francisco community recently took steps to reduce the risk at an intersection that has proven to be a problem in the past. Reflective posts, known as safe hit posts, now encircle the apron in the street next to a popular crosswalk near a local senior home.

It was at this site that a 90-year-old local man was killed during a crossing. Painted safety zones at the most common corners at the crossing now outline the site of the unfortunate collision that cost the man his life. Cars most now make slower and more cautious turns at the site.

Other efforts to reduce risk at the corner include a petition to reduce the 30 mph speed limit and extending the time allowed for a crossing of the street, as local seniors may need extra time.

Pedestrian victims of motor vehicle collision in which a driver was at fault may have a civil case for reimbursement of medical expenses and compensation for pain, lost wages or other damages.

Source: StreetsBlog SF, “Eyes on the Street: Action at Baker and Fell,” Roger Rudick, Nov. 6, 2017