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Anaheim crash kills motorcyclist

Driving a motorcycle — as opposed to a car or truck — in California can be a very attractive option. Any resident of the Golden State who has commuted to work in San Francisco or Los Angeles can say that it looks a lot easier to fly through congested traffic on two wheels instead of being stuck on four.

The speed and maneuverability of motorcycles brings several extra risks to driving, however, as motorcycles lack any sort of external protection for their drivers and passengers. Bikes of all kinds are also harder to see, especially in low-visibility conditions.

A motorcyclist lost her life in Orange County recently when she was struck by a car just before sundown. She was riding down La Palma Avenue in Anaheim when the car collided with her bike. She was alone on the motorcycle and no one else was injured in the accident.

The driver remained at the scene and reportedly cooperated with police and emergency responders, and there is not current suspicion of drugs or alcohol being a factor in the accident. The cause of the fatal collision remains under investigation.

The probability of serious injury, permanent disability or death is increased on a motorcycle versus a car in the event of a collision. Drivers of cars and motorcycles alike must remain vigilant to prevent disaster.

Victims and the survivors of motorcycle accidents may be eligible for financial restitution to account for medical expenses, emotional distress and other damages. An attorney may help claimants explore their options and make the right choice.

Source: Orange County Register, “Motorcyclist killed in Anaheim collision,” Scott Schwebke, Dec. 12, 2017