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Father of 6 killed in California motorcycle accident

Motorcycles are one of the fastest and most fun ways of putting miles behind you. Anyone who has had to sit out a California traffic jam can say that it is often tempting to abandon cars and trucks for a slimmer, more fuel-efficient ride that can make its way down the highway with ease.

Bikes, motorized and pedaled, both carry their share of risks to their riders and passengers. The thinner shape is more difficult to see on the roads, especially at dawn or dusk when light makes all obstacles more difficult to see. Left turns and other hazards also add more risk to biking.

A San Diego man and father of six was recently killed in a collision in National City when a tractor-trailer passed through the intersection where he was riding his motorcycle. The victim was about a mile from his workplace when the truck turned left from the same drive onto another street.

The accident occurred just before six in the morning, when the dawn light made visibility more difficult. Friends and family gathered to mourn his loss, which is also felt in his department on more than 100 people who all remembered him fondly.

A fundraising page appeared on the Internet to begin providing for the victim’s family. Drivers who are at fault in a fatal motorcycle accident may be liable for financial damages, including compensation for lost wages after a death. An attorney can help identify the best way forward in a settlement or court action regarding an accident.

Source: NBC San Diego, “Beloved Father of 6, ‘El Nene,’ Killed in Motorcycle Accident in National City,” Cassia Pollock, Nov. 21, 2017