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High school student killed in California hit-and-run

The roads in California, especially near population centers, bring all sorts of vehicles close together. Traffic backup on freeways across the Golden State demonstrate every day how close they come. The dangers, however, are more likely when cars are moving fast.

Minor collisions and “fender benders” are all too common, but the worse situations are when accidents can cause serious damage or injury. A true nightmare is when a collision costs lives.

Serious injury or death in a motor vehicle accident is far more likely when a victim is a pedestrian or a cyclist, as they lack any protection from the force of a moving car. Although a driver may be tempted to escape after an accident, there are consequences of leaving the scene of an accident.

A 17-year-old boy from Oceanside tragically lost his life when he was struck by a sport utility vehicle while crossing a street just after dusk in San Diego County. Although the driver initially fled the scene, he was contacted and arrested by the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department.

A police investigation on the accident is pending. A spokesperson for the sheriff’s department said that alcohol and drugs do not currently appear to be a factor.

Family and friends are mourning the victim after the news broke to his high school and community. They are currently raising funds on the internet so the family can afford end-of-life expenses.

At-fault drivers may be sued for financial damages if their actions result in injury or death. An attorney may help victims or their survivors assess their options and find the best legal solution.

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