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Subcontractor killed in California landfill accident

California is home to many types of construction projects, and the recent weather and environmental phenomena has done little to slow progress. In fact, property destruction at both ends of the state has increased demolition and land clearing projects, both of which contain many dangers.

A 60-year-old subcontractor involved in fire cleanup was recently killed when he apparently became pinned beneath his truck in a Sonoma County landfill where fire debris was being collected. The victim was the only person on the scene, another hazard that may cause a fatal construction accident.

It appears the victim was using a starter motor to attach a trailer to the truck he had driven to the scene. The engine of the truck may have turned on, causing the vehicle to reverse and run over the man.

It took until twilight for anyone else to realize what had happened. The California Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Cal-OSHA) is investigating the accident. The operator of the landfill expressed condolence for the victim to his family in a public statement.

Although construction and landfill accidents are rare, they are a constant concern to supervisors, construction workers, subcontractors and anyone else who may injured by construction equipment. Constant vigilance is required to prevent fatal accidents.

Victims of construction accidents and the families of fatalities from these accidents have the right to seek reimbursement for medical expenses and compensation for pain and distress under California law. A lawyer may assist victims and their families in finding the best way to be made whole after a tragedy.

Source: Press-Democrat, “AshBritt fire cleanup worker dies in apparent accident at Sonoma County landfill,” Nick Rahaim, Dec. 16, 2017