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Dump truck causes 10-vehicle crash in northern California

Few things get anywhere in California without trucking. From construction projects in Los Angeles to farming in the Sacramento Valley, everything from food to building materials moves around the state in trucks.

Everyone on the roads in the Golden State know to keep an eye out for tractor-trailers, dump trucks and other heavy equipment that can cause damaging accidents. The real fear with trucks is that a collision may cause serious injury or permanent disability, or even end in death.

A recent dump truck collision in Sonoma County caused fires in six vehicles and injured at least seven people. Ten vehicles were involved in the accident started by a truck that plowed out of control into the intersection of a parkway and an avenue in the northern section of Santa Rosa.

The dump truck hit a pickup truck, which swung around and struck several other vehicles. Witnesses and first responders worked to extract people from burning cars and, although three of the recorded injuries are serious, no fatalities occurred on the scene.

The road was closed for seven hours after the accident, and investigators will still inspect the truck for a preliminary inquiry into how the crash occurred. First responders theorized the brakes may have failed on the dump truck before the collision.

Victims of truck accidents may have a case for damages against drivers, trucking companies or those responsible for truck maintenance. An attorney may help victims and their families initiate a civil lawsuit for financial restitution, including reimbursement for medical expenses and compensation for pain and emotional distress.

Source: KPIX, “Out Of Control Truck Hauling Fire Debris Slams Into 10 Vehicles In Santa Rosa,” Feb. 05, 2018