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Hayward man killed in motorcycle accident

From the first models to the heaviest hog on the market today, motorcycles have been an essential part of transportation and development in California. Bikes are everywhere, and in some places on a Sunday afternoon, they can own the road in groups, which can increase safety for riders.

Bikes on their own can pose dangers to their drivers, passengers and people around them. The smaller appearance of motorcycles makes them harder to see for car and truck drivers, and the lack of any protection beyond a rider’s clothes can make any accident a major source of injury or permanent disability.

An accident on the northbound side of Highway 101 in Redwood City had the worst possible result for a motorcyclist. The sole rider of a bike was killed when he collided with at least one of four vehicles involved in a crash near Whipple Avenue.

The rider was identified by the California Highway Patrol as a man from Hayward in his late 30s. Officers attempted to revive him when they discovered him around 2 a.m., on a recent Monday morning, but he was pronounced dead at the scene.

The California Highway Patrol is still investigating the crash and attempting to determine who was at fault. Night driving can be dangerous to motorcyclists because of reduced visibility.

Victims of motorcycle crashes and their survivors have the right to seek financial damages from a person who caused injury or death on the road. A lawyer is often recommended to help ensure that court filings are written as required and to negotiate settlements or navigate court actions.

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