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5 common ironworker injuries

As an ironworker, you face many hazards on the job. According to a CNN report on unsafe workplaces, ironworking is one of the most dangerous jobs in America. Fabricating metal products and erecting steel building materials is difficult and often risky work.

Your employer must make sure your job site is free of hazards and as safe as possible. You should have proper training and supervision to prevent accidents. To help you stay safe, here are a list of the usually expected injuries you may suffer from as an ironworker.

1. Falls

One of the most significant hazards you face is falling. You often need to perform job duties high above the ground. Climbing to high levels and performing tasks at tall heights comes with a serious risk of falling. One misstep may cause you to tumble, resulting in severe and even life-threatening injuries. Your employer should keep you from falling by implementing safety harnesses at all times.

2. Struck-by injuries

Construction sites are full of various objects and materials. If anything swings by you or falls from above, you can become severely hurt. Getting hit by equipment may cause you to suffer from fractures and brain injuries. 

3. Musculoskeletal damage

You have a significant risk of overworking at your job. Many of your projects require you to move, stack, load and unload heavy materials. Lifting and bending may result in back injuries. Other various ligaments, muscles and tissues may become damaged.

4. Electrocution

Your job sometimes requires you to work near live electrical lines. If you come into contact with these, you may suffer an electrical burn. 

5. Overexertion

Ironworking is already hard enough. If your employer makes you work for extended hours, you may get hurt or suffer from dehydration. Make sure you take regular breaks and do not work for too long.

If you sustain an on-the-job injury, talk to a lawyer about your compensation options.