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Hit-and-run sidewalk collision leads to death in Vallejo

The Bay Area has some of the densest traffic in the country, with millions of vehicles passing through city streets as well as freeway lanes. Because cars and trucks come close to sidewalks and pedestrian thoroughfares, rates of injury and death among pedestrians can rise disturbingly high in central California.

Most pedestrian collisions with motor vehicles happen because drivers are distracted due to heavy traffic or using electronic devices like cellphones. Negligent drivers may ignore traffic signals or crosswalks, or even drive onto sidewalks and encounter unsuspecting walkers and runners.

The driver of a sport utility vehicle in Vallejo was apparently trying to turn a corner when the vehicle left the road and struck a woman on the sidewalk. The pedestrian was brought to a nearby hospital where she later died. After the sport utility vehicle overturned on the opposite sidewalk, the driver fled the scene of the accident.

The victim was one of eight siblings and the family gathered to grieve the loss of a promising sports star who had dreams of attending college. The Vallejo Police Department is seeking the driver of the sport utility vehicle for questioning.

It is always illegal to leave the scene of an accident, and law enforcement authorities should always be contacted in the case of a damaging or injurious motor vehicle accident. A driver may be charged with criminal acts if he or she abandons the scene.

Victims of auto-pedestrian accidents may claim financial damages, such as reimbursement for medical expenses and compensation for pain and suffering. Legal representation may be the ideal choice for people looking to rectify the results of a tragic accident.

Source: NBC Bay Area, “Driver Flees Scene After SUV Hits and Kills Pedestrian in Vallejo,” March 07, 2018