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Motorcyclist among 5 dead in freeway accident

With favorable weather and thousands of miles of quality roads, California has one of the highest populations of motorcyclists in the United States. Bikers are rarely alone on the road, and they have to be mindful of the cars, trucks and buses nearby to stay safe.

Smart bikers know there are several ways to prevent a possibly horrific crash. One of the keys is to act as if no nearby drivers can see motorcycles. The low profile of bikes make them difficult to spot, especially in conditions of low visibility, and riders must exercise defensive driving.

A multi-vehicle accident on Interstate 10 in Rialto caused at least five fatalities on the Southern California freeway on a recent Friday afternoon. At least one of these deaths was a motorcycle driver riding alone.

The crash occurred when a cement truck left the westbound side of the highway, smashing through the center divider and heading into opposing traffic. The initial collision caused an explosion engulfing the truck and three other cars, as well as the motorcycle.

The California Highway Patrol is investigated the incident, although it is still unclear if alcohol, drugs or fatigue were involved in the truck’s loss of control. The highway was fully closed for hours and remained partially blocked overnight.

If a driver was negligent in the cause of an accident, the victims of motorcycle accidents or their survivors of motorcycle fatalities have the right to seek financial restitution through lawsuits. An attorney may help victims and their families claim reimbursement for related expenses, as well as compensation for pain and emotional distress.

Source: San Luis Obispo Tribune, “The Latest: Some lanes reopen after deadly California crash,” Feb. 16, 2018