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Semi collision injures 2 and damages gas station

Drivers who have spent time on the highways most likely are familiar with the bumper sticker “Without trucks, America stops.” The country would certainly slow down without tractor-trailers.  Much of the retail goods and supplies we use are brought to shops and malls by truck.

Truck drivers have a significant responsibility to other drivers on the road, as the size and weight of trucks and trailers can cause severe damage in the case of a collision. High-speed or even minor accidents may also result in serious injury, permanent disability or death to people in other cars or near the scene.

A tractor-trailer caused damage and two people were sent to the hospital after a semi rolled over as it exited Interstate 15 near Cajon Pass. The truck was on the off-ramp from the freeway onto Highway 138 when it rolled over and slid into a gas station across the road.

Officials with the California Highway Patrol reported that the driver of the truck failed to stop at a stop sign at the beginning of the off-ramp. The semi also struck an eastbound sport utility vehicle, which became disabled and blocked traffic on Highway 138. The rig plowed through barriers and came to rest after it hit the rear of the gas station’s store building.

Victims of truck accidents may have a case for financial damages, including reimbursement for medical costs and compensation for lost wages during recovery and pain and suffering and emotional distress from being involved in an accident. An attorney can help negotiate settlement of a case and/or prepare and file a civil lawsuit when victims and their families are making a claim against the part at fault for an accident.

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