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Can I get compensation if I already had an injury?

There are many reasons why drivers and passengers injured by other drivers decide to not seek compensation. Sometimes, the reasons arise from misconceptions. For example, if you already had a back injury when you were hurt in a car or truck accident, it can be natural to think that no one would give you compensation after the accident made the injury worse. After all, who knows if you would even have gotten hurt without the injury?

The reality is that while pre-existing conditions can complicate a case, they are not automatic eliminators. Many people with these types of injuries successfully receive compensation. Here is a look at how you can help make that happen.

Seek medical attention immediately

Ideally, you would seek medical attention after a car crash, even without a pre-existing injury, if you felt the slightest twinge of pain. With a pre-existing injury, no matter how major or minor it is, seeing a doctor is even more critical. The new injury can exacerbate the old one in unanticipated ways, and a doctor can begin documenting which effects stem directly from the car crash.

Think about your life before and after the crash

Another way to help yourself is to think about your life before the crash. For example, perhaps your original back injury did not prevent you from working. At worst, you had to take it easy some days and perhaps call in sick a few days a year. Overall, while there was some effect on your ability to function, you did not experience reduced wages or serious medical bills.

Now, after the crash, what is your life like with the new, exacerbated injuries? Maybe you can barely walk some days. You have tried to show up to work but must leave after a few hours. You are on the verge of losing your job. Everyone is frustrated with you, and you are frustrated with them and with yourself. With medical documentation and additional information, your lawyer may be able to show just how significantly the car crash affected your life.